Ziegler, Osman “Ozzie”: Service no. 54064

Digitized Service Record

Source: Per photograph contributed to 18th Battalion Facebook Group by JoAnn Malysh.

Summary of Service for Osman Ziegler, Reg. No. 54064[i]

Date Event Remarks
November 10, 1896 Born Born at Elmira, Ontario.
October 28, 1914 Enlists Enlists with the 18th Battalion at Guelph, Ontario. He lists J.L Ziegler (father) residing at 11 Charles Street, Guelph, Ontario as his next of kin. He is 5’6” tall and has a fair complexion and his eyes are blue. He is assigned to the Base Company.
November 12, 1914 Anti-Typhoid Inoculation
November 23, 1914 Anti-Typhoid Inoculation
April 1915 Assigns Pay Assigns $10.00 per month to his father, J.L. Ziegler. Later this assigned pay is increased to $15.00 per month.
April 29, 1915 Arrives Arrives with Battalion at Avonmouth, England after transiting the Atlantic from Halifax.
June 29, 1915 Admitted Admitted to 1st North General Hospital, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Syphilis. Notes indicate he stayed at the “Tent Hospital” at St. Martins Plain.
July 12, 1915 Stoppage of Pay Charged for the loss of a shirt and fork.
July 23, 1915 Discharged Discharged from 1st North General Hospital, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
August 28, 1915 Assigned Assigned to “B” Company.
September 1, 1915 Assigned Assigned the role of Drummer.
September 9, 1915 Assigned Assigned from “B” to “D” Company.
September 15, 1915 Arrives Arrives France with the 18th Battalion as it is deployed to active front-line service with the 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade.
December 3, 1915 Wounded Wounded G.S.W. upper left arm and transferred to No. 5 Canadian Field Ambulance.
December 4, 1915 Transferred Transferred to No. 8 Casualty Clearing Station.
December 6, 1915 Admitted Admitted to No. 8 Stationary Hospital, Rouen, France due to G.S.W. upper left arm.
December 10, 1915 In Transit Aboard the Hospital Ship “Newhaven” from France to England.
December 10, 1915 Admitted Manor House Hospital, Folkestone, England.
December 12, 1915 Transferred Transferred from the 18th Battalion to the 36th Battalion and taken in strength with the Canadian Casualty Assembly Centre.
December 24, 1915 Transferred Transferred from C.C.A.C. to Canadian Convalescent Depot.
January 4, 1916 Admitted Admitted Epsom for GSW arm.
February 15, 1916 Transferred Transferred to C.C.A.C.
August 1, 1916 Discharged Discharged Epsom.
August 2, 1916 Reports Reports to C.C.A.C. in Folkestone.
October 23, 1916 Ceases Attachment Ceases to be attached to C.C.A.C.
November 14, 1916 Admitted Admitted at Canadian Hospital, Etchinghill, Lyminge for syphilis.
December 16, 1916 Discharged Discharged from Canadian Hospital, Etchinghill, Lymingne after treatment.
January 7, 1918 Anti-Typhoid Inoculation
January 17, 1918 Anti-Typhoid Inoculation
April 20, 1917 Transferred Transferred from 2nd C.C.D. to the 4th Reserve Battalion at Hastings.
November 11, 1917 Admitted Felshaw Park, St. Leonards-on-See for gas wounds due to gas shell.
December 13, 1917 Discharged and transferred. Discharged from Felshaw Park and transferred to No. 14 Canadian Hospital, Mears, Eastbourne, Sussex.
December 12, 1917 Medical Report “Much improved.”
December 15, 1917 Medical Report Recommends discharge.
December 21, 1917 Discharged Discharged from No. 14 Canadian Hospital.
March 8, 1918 Transferred Transferred from the Western Ontario Regimental Depot to the 4th Reserve Battalion at Bramshott.
May 7, 1918 Promoted “To be Lance-Corporal with pay.”
January 1, 1919 Promoted To be Acting/Corporal with pay.
January 6, 1919 AWL Appears to be absent without leave and the order to promote him to acting corporal is rescinded.
February 10, 1919 Struck off Strength Stuck of Strength to Military District No. 1.
February 20, 1919 Struck off Strength Struck off strength and proceeding to Canada.
February 28, 1919 Taken on Strength Taken on Strength at London, Ontario at No. 1 District Depot.
March 21, 1919 Medical for Discharge Medical at No. 1 District Depot.
March 25, 1919 Discharged Discharged at London, Ontario at the rank of Corporal. He had a G.S.W. left arm and a “TATTOO BULL DOG AND FLAG LEFT FOREARM “EGLAND”. His intended place of residence was 11 Charles Street, Guelph, Ontario.

[i] Some entries have been omitted for clarity. These appear to be administrative in nature i.e. transfers in paper.

Canadian Casualties London Advertiser December 15 1915 Page 9
London Advertiser. December 15, 1915. Page 9.


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