Stone, Frederick George: Service no. 675908

Digitized Service Record

Source: Per news clipping in The Daily Sentinel Review October 10 1918 Page 1 and unknown.


Was at Passchendaele

Pte. F. Stone, whose wife and family reside at 205 Hunter street, enlisted with the 168th Battalion in April 1916, going overseas in October of the same year. He did not reach France, however, until October, 1917, having in the meantime been transferred to the 18th Canadian Battalion. After he spent three months in the trenches he was invalided back to England, suffering from trench fever. His greatest experience was when he went over the top with the Canadians at Passchendaele.

“The Imperial troops took over this part of the line in November, 1917, and the Germans retook it the following February,” he said. Like many of the other returned soldiers he is eloquent in his praise for the work which English women are doing behind the lines. They are in France in thousands, he stated, driving motor trucks and doing every kind of necessary war work. “They are wonderful, “ was his verdict. Asked how the Spanish Flu was progressing in England, Pte. Stone said that it has raged principally during the spring over there. The epidemic was in check, especially in the military camps.

After spending some time in the hospital he came out in May last, and was included in the 3,500 Canadians who received the welcome orders to embark for Canada in September. He landed in Quebec on Monday, October 7, and stated that it was indeed good to be home again.

The Daily Sentinel-Review. October 10, 1918. Pages 1 and unknown.

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