Lee, Maurice Henry: Service no. 53074

Digitized Service Record

Source: “Duty Nobly Done,” page 219.

Sniper in the 18th Battalion.


London Advertiser. November 23 1916 Page 1 Has Sniped Many Huns During Time Spent in Trenches
Sergeant Maurice H. Lee. Source: London Advertiser. November 23, 1916. Page 1.

Patrols were sent out to the enemy lines and the snipers of the Battalion took a steady toll of the Germans opposite them. Two of the Battalion’s best, who joined in 1914, were Sergeants Maurice Lee and Charles Finch. Lee had seen service with the British Army before the war and Finch had served in South Africa so they probably had more experience of the type of shooting they were doing than most of the men. The had been taking a toll on the opposing Germans since the Battalion arrived in France. One instance related after the war saw Lee in a contest of nerves with a German sniper. Each had spotted the other through telescopic sights. In two hours the German fired twice at Lee, the rounds passing within centimetres of Lee’s head, and seeing no movement and seeing no return fire assumed he had scored a hit. As the German moved to leave his position, Lee fired and killed him.

Antal, S., & Shackleton, K. (2006). Courcelette: Taking a Turn On the Somme. In Duty Nobly Done: The official history of the Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment(1st ed., p. 218-219). Windsor, ON: Walkerville Pub.

Free Press November 27 1916 Sergeant Lee
Source: Operation Picture Me via The 18th Battalion Facebook Group. London Free Press. November 26, 1916.

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