According to the Halifax Herald: The S.S. Grampian

On April 13, 1915 the 10,187[i] gross tonne Canadian Pacific Railway Line S.S. Grampian arrived in England. The Halifax Herald reported that the liner had “taken precautions” when departing Liverpool against German submarines. She brought 15 first class, 85 second class, and 150 third class passengers as well as 4,000 bags and passengers of English … Continue reading According to the Halifax Herald: The S.S. Grampian

Strong-Point on the Arras-Cambrai Road

In the previous blog post “Tip of the Sword on the Arras-Cambrai Road” one of the positions on the disposition map was conjectured to be a strong-point that was created from an existing structure. Evidence has come to light that indicates that the units of the 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade, comprising the 18th and, possibly … Continue reading Strong-Point on the Arras-Cambrai Road