Skilton, Lloyd Tom: Service no. 409655 (Military Medal)


Digitized Service Record

Source: May 1917 War Diary appendix note written by him.

Military Medal: London Gazette. No. 30209. July 28, 1917. Page 7771.

Possibly a sniper. Recognized by Canadian Corp for being one of the best snipers 1916 – 1917.



Corp. Lloyd Skilton Was Leading Raid in Lens Advance

“I cannot speak too highly of his gallantry and good work and the high esteem in which he was held by all,” writes Lt. H.B. Johnson to Mrs. G. Skilton of Hastings, England, expressing his sympathy with her in the death of her son, Corp. Lloyd Skilton, was killed August 9 while leading a bombing squad in a raid on the German lines at Lens.

“I had known him but a short time,” says Lt. Johnston, “but even in that short period I counted him one of my personal friends, and he had the confidence and love of all the members of his platoon. His company commander had the very highest opinion of him, and his death was a blow to the whole company. I hope you will temper your sorrow by proud thoughts of a boy who died a hero and a gentleman, fighting for his country.”

Corp. Skilton was born in England 25 years ago, and came to Canada about six years ago, went overseas with a Central Ontario Battalion and had been in the trenches eighteen months when he was struck by a German bomb and killed. While in Toronto he made his home with Mr. Morrin, 105 Bond st. He was a printer with E.D. Apted before enlisting for active service.

Source:  Toronto Evening Telegram – September 29, 1917

Note:  Lt. H.B. Johnson may be Lieutenant Harold Bainbridge Johnson attested to 168th Battalion on June 20th, 1916.

Newspaper Clipping – From the Toronto Star. Submitted for the project, Operation: Picture Me. Source: CVWM
Newspaper Clipping – From the Toronto Star. Submitted for the project, Operation: Picture Me. Source: CVWM


Corp. L.T. Skilton, a Military Medal winner, is reported killed in action having served in France for seventeen months. Corp. Skelton wa a printer in a Leader lane establishment. His parents live in Hastings, Eng., where he was born 25 years ago, coming to Toronto six years ago. He enlisted on July 12, 1915. Two brothers, Frank and George, are in France, the former with the Imperial forces and the latter with the Canadians.

Source: Via CVWM

Page 1 of report written by Corpora Skilton regarding Night of May 27 – 28, 1917.
e001099478 (1)
Page 2 of report written by Corpora Skilton regarding Night of May 27 – 28, 1917.

Report on Enemy Raid on No. 11 Platoon 18th Batt. Frontage Night of May 27th – 28th, 1917

Time: 12:45 a.m.

Received orders from C.S.M. Williams [possibly this soldier] to post covering party of six men to protect a B. Co. wiring party on the left flank.

Sgt. F.G. Kenee, 675067  [KIA 10/11/17 in Passchendaele] and myself had just placed party when enemy barrage opened on our lines. Immediately afterwards our own barrage replied. Instantly I gave order to return to our lines. Three men failed to reach our line. Time about 1 p.m.

About 3 minutes afterwards enemy party of 20 to 30 strong was seen making towards our wire on our left flank. Platoon opened up with rifle fire. One man of enemy party shouted an order and enemy retired at the double. Only one red flare was fired on our platoon frontage.

Immediately after bombardment quietened I organized search party of three men and S.B. to search for missing men. Only trace of men was two rifles which they found in a shell hole in front of our wire.

Corp. L. Skilton
No. 409644

Lance Corporal Skilton mentioned in War Diary. Need to find month of passage.

098590a 098590b CWGC Grave Register Skilton

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