Is this Corporal Kelley of the 18th?

Tracking down information relating to the 18th Battalion can be challenging. There are some consistent sources of information, but when you are dealing with the service of up to 5,000 men who served in the Battalion during its existence from October 1914 to May 1919 that has no official war history and has all the... Continue Reading →

The First to Die

With thanks to Patrick Dennis, Colonel (RET’D), OMM, CD who reached out to me and pointed me in the right direction. His work to inform us about the role of conscription can be best appreciated by his book, “Reluctant Warriors: Canadian Conscripts in the Great War” Without his help and his work my interest and... Continue Reading →

Fritz mush have got his eyes on us…

The letter below is a wonderful example of the process Canadian Expeditionary Force soldiers experienced during the Great War when they were transferred from their training bases in England to active duty with a combat unit on the Continent. Private Frank Allan Westlake had enlisted with the 161st Huron Battalion on January 10, 1916 and... Continue Reading →

War Diary of the 18th Battalion: November 1918

ConfidentialWar Diaryof18th CANADIAN BATTALION – 2nd CANADIAN DIVISION From 1st November, 1918 to 30th November, 1918 Volume 39With appendices 1 – 26 PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationANICHE   G.6.a.7.3 1 Map for reference: 51.A 1/40,000 VALENCIENNES 12 and NAMUR 8 1/100,000, & MARCHES 9 attached. Appendix No. 24, 25, and 26.   Battalion Training as per... Continue Reading →

Strong-Point on the Arras-Cambrai Road

In the previous blog post “Tip of the Sword on the Arras-Cambrai Road” one of the positions on the disposition map was conjectured to be a strong-point that was created from an existing structure. Evidence has come to light that indicates that the units of the 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade, comprising the 18th and, possibly... Continue Reading →

War Diary of the 18th Battalion: August 1918

Confidential War Diary of 18th CANADIAN BATTALION – 2nd CANADIAN DIVISION From 1st August to 31st August, 1918 Volume 36 With appendices 1 – 15 PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationG.H.Q. RESERVE PISSYMap Sht. 62.M.1 Battalion moved off, in battle order, to attend Tank Demonstration. “A” Coy. participated in afternoon. Remainder observed demonstration. Lieut. M.R. Sloan returned... Continue Reading →

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