MacDonald, Stanley Addison: Service no. 675068 (Military Medal)


Digitized Service Record

Source: Duty Nobly Done

Note that the book Duty Nobly Done relates this soldier died of drowning.

Military Medal. London Gazette. No. 30364. November 2, 1917.


Source: Operation Picture Me via The 18th Battalion Facebook Group.

– Drowning occurred on August 24, 1918. Recovery of the body on the next day.
– Drowned at Frensham Pond. Seems to have quite a history of drownings.
– Wife later moved to 1225 South Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, California.
– His last posting was to 4th Reserve Battalion, Bramshott after developing appendicitis.
– His front line service was from May 2, 1917, to October 7, 1917.
– Recipient of Military Medal.
– There is no coroner’s report but all reference to the drowning indicates it was accidental.
– There is a notation in a personal diary of Arthur Ira Leeder that this soldier was the Camp Barber. His trade was as a barber.

“Aug. 24: A fine day. We were out on parade all morning and had the afternoon off but had to help put up some new tents. The camp barber is reported drowned in the pond this evening.

Aug. 25: A cloudy day. They were searching all day for the body but havenot found it yet. We were on church parade this morning and this afternoon were called out on parade and our tents were changed again, just the 5th time since we came here. Eight to a tent now. We went out and studied our S.S. lesson today. Tommy Stewart was over yesterday and he had a letter from Herb. He got to France alright. A wet evening.

Service record entry showing death by drowning at Frensham Pond.
Service record entry showing death by drowning at Frensham Pond.
Source: CVWM

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