Bliss, Robert: Service no. 53655

Digitized Service Record

Source: 18th Battalion Nominal Roll, April 1915.

British Home Child

Summary of Service[i] for Private Robert Bliss, reg. no. 53655

Date Event Remarks
May 1, 1892 Born Born at Folkestone, Kent, England to Mr. and Mrs. Eliza Bliss.
November 2, 1914 Enlisted Enlisted at St. Thomas. He was a labourer and listed his mother Eliza, residing at Folkestone, England, as his next of kin. Standing 5’9” tall, with a chest of 34” with a 3” expansion, this 22-year old man had no prior military experience.
November 11, 1914 Inoculated Typhoid inoculations.
November 22, 1914 Inoculated Typhoid inoculations.
December 18, 1914 Vaccinated  
April 1, 1915 Assigned Pay On this date Pte. Bliss, of “C” Company, assignes $15.00 per month to his mother. She is shown to reside at 4 Wellington Mews, Folkestone, Kent, England.
April 29, 1915 Arrive England The Battalion arrives at Bournmouth, England and proceeds by train to West Sandling.
June 7, 1915 Absent Without Leave Forfeits 1-day’s pay for being AWL.
June 21, 1915 Absent Without Leave Forfeits 1-day’s pay for being AWL.
September 1, 1915 Absent Without Leave Forfeits 1-day’s pay for being AWL.
September 14, 1915 Embarks Overseas Embarks with the 18th Battalion for service in Belgium. Arriving at Boulogne, France, the Battalion moves to the front.
April 9, 1916 Wounded The War Diary relates on this day 1 other rank killed in action and 25 other ranks wounded. Private Beeson was most likely wounded on this day.
April 10, 1916 Wounded With his wounding Private Bliss proceeded first to No. 6 Canadian Field Ambulance. Then to No. 10 Casualty Clearing Station. From there he embarks on No. 23 Hospital Train. Received at No. 8 Stationary Hospital, Wimereux. GSW to right arm.
April 15, 1916 Transferred Transferred to No. 5 Convalescent Depot.
May 2, 1916 Discharged to Base Discharged to Canadian Base Depot.
May 2 to 7, 1916 Base Hospital GSW right arm. Returns to unit.
May 9, 1916 Arrives with Unit After a short convalesce Private Bliss returns to the 18th Battalion.
July 3, 1916 Wounded/Ill Contused back due to shell and pyrexia. Admitted to No. 5 CFA. Then transferred to No. 25 General Hospital. Another card shows this wound as a GSW to spine.
July 5, 1916 Transferred Transferred to Canadian Base Depot.
August 18, 1916 Transferred Designated Class “C” and sent to CCAC.
August 20, 1916 Arrives CCAC Arrives Canadian Casualty Assembly Center at Folkestone.
August 21, 1916 Medical Board Indicates that he has been nervous and shaky for 3-months and there is no organic cause.
January 31, 1917 Taken on Strength Taken on strength from CCD to 4th Reserve Battalion, West Sandling.
March 6, 1917 On Transfer On transfer from CCAC to 4th Reserve Battalion, Bramshott. On command.
May 3, 1917 Reported Back Detached 4th Reserve Battalion to Western Ontario Regimental Depot (WORD).
May 4, 1917 On Command On command with WORD at Mytchett(?).
February 14, 1917 Medical Board Proceedings of a Medical board on this date indicate “Slight Tachycardia. Recruit exhibits signs of extreme nervousness.” The Board recommends a status of B2.
November 7, 1918 Taken on Strength Taken on strength at No. 1 Military District, London, Ontario.
November 19, 1918 Attached Attached Depot Company, Witley.
December 12, 1918 Granted Furlough Granted furlough and subsistence pay until January 8, 1919.
January 6, 1919 Dental Exam Dentist Captain J.D. Campbell notes that tooth no. 18 was extracted.
January 18, 1919 Account Opened Post Discharge Pay Office records an account open and Private Bliss’ address is 93 Centre Street, St. Thomas, Ontario.
January 18, 1919 Discharged According to this Discharge Certificate, Private Bliss was released from his service at London, Ontario (Military District 1) as medically unfit due to a GSW to his right arm. His last pay certificate shows his mother living at Church Terrace, Rolverden, Cranbrooke, Kent, England.
January 27, 1919 Granted Permission Granted permission to wear 4 blue chevrons showing four years of service.


[i] The Summary of Service for this soldier is meant as just that, a summary of his service. It is not intended to be an exhaustive biographical relation of his life or his war service. Some information may be deliberately suppressed by the author out of sensitivity to the soldier. Readers are encouraged to reference the actual service records available at the Library and Archives Canada in PDF format if they wish to learn more about this soldier. Such additional information (i.e. hyperlinks etc.) are for informational purpose only and no claim to verification or accuracy is made by the author of this summary.

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