Kennedy, Elmer John: Service no. 142598


Digitized Service Record

Source: September 1916 casualty.


Son of Mrs. Annie Kennedy, of Georgetown, Ontario, and the late William Cyrus Kennedy.

From Attestation Papers:  Apparent Age 18 years 9 months with a date of birth of March 09, 1897.

Ages listed at CVWM  and CWGC as 17. Under age.

At this time there are no digitized service records at the LAC but the 76th Battalion does have a post-war history and nominal roll that outlines the circumstances of Pte. Kennedy’s transfer to the 18th Battalion.


On August 1st, word was received from Headquarters that the 76th was to supply a draft for re-inforcing the Overseas Battalions of 5 Lieutenants, 8 Sergeants, 2 Buglers, 8 Corporals and 232 Rank and File, a total of 255 all ranks.

Though the O.C. would have greatly preferred to have taken his Battalion overseas intact, yet the need of fresh drafts of men to fill up vacancies caused by casualties was so great, that steps were at once taken to select, train and equip the quota asked for. Lieutenants H. C. Young, W. O. Brown, W. H. Fair, A. C. Bowles and C. E. H. Thomas were selected by Colonel Ballantine as Officers of the Draft, but owing to the resignation of Lieut. W. H. Fair, the name of Lieut. N. Nicholson was submitted in his place and accepted, and after two months strenuous training, the Draft left Camp for England on Thursday, Sept. 30th.

The previous night was one long to be remembered. At half-past four the draft paraded and were addressed by the Camp Chaplain, who presented a Bible to each man. At supper they were the honoured guests of the Battalion, objects alike of keen solicitude for their physical welfare, and of envy of their good fortune. The good wishes of the Colonel, Officers and Men of the 76th were conveyed to them with considerable feeling by the Colonel, who, in the course of his remarks, said, “You are going overseas to be the vanguard and, for a while, the representatives of the 76th Battalion, and you have in your keeping the honour and the good name of this, one of the best Battalions in Canada. This honour and good name is something that cannot be bought save at the cost of personal effort and sacrifice. Into your keep ing we entrust it as you go to “The Front,” and we who are left behind will do all in our power to raise the standard of the Battalion still higher if possible. When you are called on to fight, fight hard, and may God in His love and mercy guide you through all.”

The evening was spent in various forms of amusement, a perambulation of the Camp being a leading feature, and next morning saw the Draft embark for Toronto and “Further,” leaving us a little sad, a trifle jealous because we were not going for a while.

They were a fine body of officers and men, and will undoubtedly play their part with credit to the Battalion whence they were drafted.

On arriving at Toronto they were met by the Chaplain who wished them God speed and said good-bye as they entrained for Quebec.

Source: Pages 37 and 38 of Historical Record of the 76th O.S. Battalion C.E.F.

“Previously reported missing, now Killed in Action.” He was killed by shell fire during the advance and capture of Courcelette.

Kennedy, Elmer: Service no. 142598 Attestation Paper Page 1 Kennedy, Elmer: Service no. 142598 Attestation Paper Page 2

Kennedy, Elmer: Service no. 142598 CWGC reference

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