Campbell, Crofford G.: Service no. 54007

Digitized Service RecordDigitized Service Record

Source: Per record of promotion for Stephens, George (53393).

Born U.S.A.

Was attached to Dunsterforce. Reference book First World Oil War by Timothy C. Winegard for references to Diary and Photos of Sergeant Campbell.

Letter by Private Frederick William StokesPrivate Frederick William StokesPrivate Frederick William Stokes to his daughter in which he refers to Crofford Campbell. It is not clear how each soldier knew each other. Crofford enlisted at Walkreton in 1914 and Stokes enlisted in Goderich with the 161st Battalion in 1915. They lived in the same county but had different trades.

Private F. W. Stokes
654708 B. D.
France, B.E.F.

France, #654708 1 B.D.
Apl 1/18 B.E.F.

Dear Ethel

Just a line to let you know where I am. I left England last week for France and am waiting here, expecting the call any time to go into action.

No doubt you are surprised to know that I am over here, but the fact remains that I am.

George came across over a month ago, and has been up the line now for nearly three weeks. I haven’t heard from him since came over but I guess he is too busy just now to write. I don’t expect to hear from him until his Batt. Comes out of the line to rest, I think I told you he was in the 18th where Crofford Campbell is. I seen lots of the 18th boys at Bramshott who knew Crofford and they all spoke awfully nice of him. He is back with the Batt now so I guess George has found him long before this.

Well I guess you would enjoy your trip home for Easter. You don’t know how I would like to be there with you all. You don’t know how much I miss you all and home.

I can’t tell you much about this country yet as I haven’t seen a great deal of it. We are camped some distance from the line, just waiting the call to be sent up to our unit. The Bates boys left last night for the line. I don’t know how little Bertie will make out with those little short legs of his, but I guess he will get there somehow.

I hope this finds you well and that you like your position as well as ever.

Write to me soon as I haven’t had a letter for some time now, we have been moved about so much lately. I don’t know when we will get our mail.

Well Ethel, I guess I can’t say any more for this time, as we can’t say all here what we would like. Enough to say I am real well and going to the front along with a lot of old timers in the game. I will close more hoping you are well, and that I may here from you soon.

Your Loving father

Pte F. W. Stokes

Service Record showing attachment to Dunsterforce
Screenshot of service record showing attachment to Dunsterforce and his transfer to Basrah, Iraq.

Summary of Service for Sergeant Crofford Campbell, reg. no. 54007

Date Event Remarks
March 2, 1894 Born Born in Duluth, Minnesota to Mr. and Mrs. George Campbell.
October 27, 1914 Enlists Enlists in Walkerton, Ontario. Currently residing in Kincardine, Ontario and is a cabinet maker. He is 20-years old and stands an uncharacteristically tall 6’.
April 29, 1915 Arrives England Arrives aboard the S.S. Grampian with the 18th Battalion and arrives at West Sandling Camp.
May 14, 1915 Absent Without Leave Forfeits 1 days pay.
August 4, 1915 Absent Without Leave Forfeits 1 days pay.
September 6, 1915 Admitted to Hospital Admitted for bruised ankle. Run over by motor truck.
September 9, 1915 Transferred to Base Company Transferred to Base (Headquarters) Company.
September 12, 1915 Discharged from Hospital
September 12, 1915 Transferred to “B” Company Internal transfer from one unit to another. From Base Company to “B” Company.
September 14, 1915 Embarks to France 18th Battalion with rest of 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade embarks for France.
November 1, 1915 Appointed Appointed to Lance-Corporal.
April 17, 1916 Appointed Appointed to Corporal with pay.
May 7, 1916 Promoted Promoted to Corporal.
June 3, 1916 Granted Leave Granted 8 days leave.
July 2, 1916 Wounded G.S.W. Left hand, face and eye. Admitted No. 5 C.F.A.
July 3, 1916 Hospitalized Attends No. 13 Stationary Hospital, Boulogne, France.
July 9, 1916 Transferred Transfers to No. 1 Convalescent Hospital, Boulogne, France.
July 16, 1916 Discharged Discharged to Canadian Base Depot, Etaples, France.
August 8, 1916 Transferred Transferred to C.C.A.C (Canadian Casualty Clearing Center) in Folkstone, England.
August 10, 1916 Arrives C.C.A.C., Folkestone, England.
August 10, 1916 Proceeds of Medical Board Fit for duty after 8-week physical training. G.S.W. to right-hand, third finger and left eye.
August 21, 1916  On Command On Command to the 1st Canadian Convalescent Depot.
March 10, 1917 S.O.S. to Western Ontario Regiment Struck off Strength from the 1st. C.C.D. to the W.O.R. at Hastings, England.
March 11, 1917 S.O.S. to 2nd C.C.D. S.O.S. to 2nd C.C.D. at Bramshott.
March 27, 1917 Medical Report Tonsillitis.
March 28, 1917 Admitted Admitted Canadian Military Hospital, Hastings.
June 13, 1917 Discharged Discharged Canadian Military Hospital, Hastings.
June 20, 1917 4th Reserve Battalion Transferred from 2nd C.C.D. to 4th Reserve Battalion.
September 1, 1917 Assigns Pay Assigns $20.00 pay per month to his mother, Mrs. G. Campbell.
November 9, 1917 Arrives 18th Battalion Posted from 4th Reserve Battalion back to the 18th Battalion.
December 1, 1917 Appointed Lance-Sergeant
January 12, 1918 Transferred to W.O.R.D. Transferred to Western Ontario Regimental Depot.
January 15, 1918 On Command “On Command for War Office for special duty from that date.”
January 15, 1918 Appointed Acting-Sergeant
January 29, 1918 Embarked for Basrah, Persia Embarked at Southampton to be part of the Mesopotamia Expeditionary Force.
March 2, 1918 Disembarked Basrah To be part of the Dunsterforce.
February 12, 1919 Approval to Marry
February 15, 1919 Married Marries Lillian Victoria Elgar.
March 7, 1919 Marriage Recorded Married to Lillian Victoria Elgar at, an English spinster, at the Church of the Holy Trinity, Parish of Hastings, County of Sussex. Marriage witnessed by Henry Thomas Elgar and Stanley Saunders. Officiated by Thomas Cook, Canon and Prebendary.
April 4, 1919 Eye Exam Captain W.S. Loggie indicates defective vision due to service from wound in 1916.
April 7, 1919 Dental Exam Fillings reported in teeth no. 8 and 9.
April 16, 1919 Struck Off Strength S.O.S. to M.D. 1 Rhyl Ripon.
May 2, 1919 To Canada Embarks S.S. Cassandra
May 15, 1919 Discharged Discharged from CEF in Military District No. 1 [London, Ontario] for demobilization and being medically unfit for general service.
July 8, 1919 War Service Gratuity War Service Gratuity paid to Sergeant Campbell’s wife, Mrs. L.V. Campbell residing at 45 Cornwallis Gardens, Hastings, Sussex, England.
August 23, 1958 Deceased He died at Sunnybrook Hospital. His wife was Lillian V. Campbell and they resided at 147 Mill Street, South, Brampton, Ontario.


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