Collacutt, Jack Harland: Service no. 745052

Digitized Service Record

Source: Canadian Expeditionary Force Research Group post at their Facebook Group.

Enlisted under-aged with the 116th Battalion.

Collacutt, Jack Harland: Service no. 745052. Source Michael Collacutt via Canadian Expeditionary Force Research Group post at their Facebook Group.
Collacutt, Jack Harland: Service no. 745052, with his sister and mother Circa 1916. ource Michael Collacutt via Canadian Expeditionary Force Research Group post at their Facebook Group.

Jack Harland Collacutt 745052 was born in Port Perry, Ontario on 20 March 1900. He attested on 28 November 1915, at Uxbridge, Ontario, with the 116th Overseas Battalion, claiming he was born on 20 March 1897. This lie would catch up with him in 1917. Being only 15 years old at the time, Jack already stood 6′ tall, 135 pounds, with dark complexion, brown eyes and hair. His mother was Tina (Hanck) Collacutt, also of Port Perry. His father was a horse dealer, Herbert Callacutt.

Sailed for England, from Halifax, 23 July 1916, arriving 31 July 1916 at Liverpool. Went to France August 1916. Served with 18th Battalion from 5 October 1916, Jack joined his unit in the field, 22 October 1916 with 81 other recruits in reserve billets at Bully-Grenay. Only two days later, Jack was in the front lines when three of his comrades were killed. After a week in the front lines, Jack’s unit is relieved by the 20th Battalion. After five days back in billets at Bully, the 18th Battalion return for another tour of duty, after which they returned to Calonne in Brigade support. On 18 November 1916, the unit is back in the front lines in front of Calonne. In Brigade Reserve at Bully on 23 November 1916, the routine continues, finding the unit in the front lines at Calonne on Christmas Day.

In January of 1917 Jack’s unit, ‘A’ Company, is in the front lines at Maroc, and upon being relieved by ‘C’ Company on 17 January 1917, Jack was immediately was transferred by Field Ambulance to hospital, rejoining his unit at Haillicourt on 28 January 1917. Now at Auchel for training, Jack is admitted again to Canadian Hospital, Havre with Influenza on 9 February 1917, and discharged four days later. Jack won’t spend much more time with the 18th Battalion, leaving them behind at Thélus on 23 February 1917, as Jack is transferred to Can. Div. Train, Shorncliffe, for discharge – it was determined he is underage.

Jack is placed in the 4th Reserve Battalion, 25 February 1917. On 14 November 1917, Jack is T.O.S. by C.A.M.C. at Bramshott Camp, and eventually spends the remainder of the war with the Medical Corps at Shorncliffe. Admitted to Bramshott Hopsital with Bronchitis, 26 November 1917, and discharged 4 December 1917.

Admitted again for Influenza, 25 July 1918, and discharged 11 July 1917 at No. 11 Canadian General Hospital, Moore Barracks, Shorncliffe. Admitted Canadian Special Hospital, Witley, 2 October 1918, Gonorrhea, and discharged 1 November 1918.

Jack managed to get back home fairly early after the Armistice, and was discharged 27 December 1918 in Toronto. He went on to live in Oregon and joined the SeaBees in 1940.

Source: Canadian Expeditionary Force Research Group post at their Facebook Group.

Summary of Service[i] for Private Jack Harland Collacutt, reg. no. 745052.

Date Event Remarks
March 20, 1897 [March 20, 1900] Born Born (1900) but listed 1897. Therefore, underage. Born at Port Perry, Ontario, Canada to Mr. Herbert and Mrs. Tina Collacutt.
November 28, 1915 Enlists Enlists at Port Perry with the 116th Battalion. Assigned to “A” Company. He is a “18”-year old student standing 5’11” tall with a dark complexion, brown eyes and hair. He weighs 135 lbs. He has no distinguishing marks and his next of kin is his mother, Tina Collacutt of Port Perry.
March 1916 Forfeits Pay Forfeits 1-days pay per Daily Order 110.
June 1916 Assigns Pay Assigns $15.00 per month to his mother, Mrs. H.S. Collacutt.
June 23, 1916 Embarked Embarked Halifax, Nova Scotia.
June 31, 1916 Arrived Arrived in Liverpool, England.
October 5, 1916 Transferred Transferred for overseas service to the 18th Battalion.
October 6, 1916 Arrives Arrives Canadian Base Depot, Etaples, France.
October 22, 1916 Arrives Arrives “In the Field” with the 18th Battalion at Hersin, France. Battalion in the rear at Bully Grenay.
December 13, 1916 Return of Birth Issued Return of Birth issued to establish the true age of this man. It indicates he was born March 20, 1900 to Herbert and Lena Collacutt of Port Perry. His father is a horse dealer and the attending physician to the birth was Dr. Mellow. Registration of the birth, April 25, 1900 by J.M. Yarnold.
January 17, 1917 Admitted Admitted to No. 5 Canadian Field Ambulance for PUO.
February 9, 1917 Admitted Admitted to No. 2 General Hospital, Le Havre, France.
February 13, 1917 Admitted Admitted to No. 4 Convalescent Depot, Le Havre, France.
February 13, 1917 Discharged Discharged from 4 Convalescent Depot, Le Havre, France. About this time, it was discovered he was under-age.
February 23, 1917 Transferred Transferred to Canadian Training Division, Shornecliffe for discharge, under-age. SOS from 18th Battalion.
November 14, 1917 SOS SOS 4th Reserve Battalion to CAMC, Bramshott.
November 26, 1917 TOS TOS Bramshott.
December 4, 1917 Discharged From above.
December 8, 1917 Ceases to be Attached Ceases to be attached to No. 12 Canadian General Hospital on return to CAMC Depot, Shorncliffe.
February 2, 1918 SOS SOS to No. 11 Canadian General Hospital.
July 11, 1918 Admitted Admitted No. 11 Canadian General Hospital, Moore Barracks, Shorncliffe for influenza.
July 31, 1918 SOS SOS to CAMC Depot being surplus to establishment.
August 1, 1918 TOS TOS CAMC Depot, Shorncliffe.
October 2, 1918 Admitted Admitted Canadian Special Hospital, Witley, Surrey.
October 1, 1918 SOS TOS to Y.S. Battalion, Shorncliffe.
November 1, 1918 Discharged From above.
November 16, 1918 Medical Exam for Discharge Medical exam at Kinmel Park Camp.
November 22, 1918 Embarked Embarked England to Canada aboard the S.S. Aquitania.
November 29, 1918 Arrived Arrived Canada.
December 2, 1918 Medical Exam for Discharge Medical exam at Toronto Exhibition Camp, No. 2 MD, Toronto.
December 24, 1918 Last Pay Certificate
December 27, 1918 Discharged Discharged at Military District 2 (Toronto) due to demobilization. Later to be determined to be influenza.
1919 Immigrates Immigrates to the United States
Circa 1920 Marries Marries Laveda Marguerite Wright of Illinois.
1930 Record of Residence Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, United States. . Owner of an advertising agency. US Census.
1940 Record of Residence As above. Precinct 115.
November 15, 1986 Dies

Dies while residing at Mcminnville, Yamhill, Oregon. Interned at Willamette National Cemetery Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, USA. PLOT: Section COL-1 ROW K Site 313. Joined by his wife, Laveda Marguerite Wright Collacutt (died October 29, 1986).



CAMC Canadian Army Medical Corp
CFA Canadian Field Ambulance
MD Military Discrict
PUO Pyrexia of Unknown Origin
SOS Struck Off Strength
TOS Taken On Strength


[i] The Summary of Service for this soldier is meant as just that, a summary of his service. It is not intended to be an exhaustive biographical relation of his life or his war service. Some information may be deliberately suppressed by the author out of sensitivity to the soldier. Readers are encouraged to reference the actual service records available at the Library and Archives Canada in PDF format if they wish to learn more about this soldier. Such additional information (i.e. hyperlinks etc.) are for informational purpose only and no claim to verification or accuracy is made by the author of this summary.

Documents indicating this soldier’s true age.

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