Storey, Frederick: Service no. 489375


Digitized Service Record

Attested with the birth-date of February 18, 1897. Actual birth-date is February 18, 1900. He was 16 years old when he died.

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Summary of Service for Private Frederick Storey Reg. No. 489375

Note that the age of Private Storey at his death is given as 16-years old, making his birth year as 1900 making him 15-years old at the time he attested. With his death on June 30, 1916 he would have been 16 years, 4 months and 13 days old.

Date Event Remarks
February 18, 1987[i] Born Born at Cash [Cache] Bay, Ontario to Mr. Robert James and Mrs. Alice M. Storey.
December 28, 1915 Enlists Enlists with the 66th Regiment at Halifax, Nova Scotia]. He is living with his father at 16 Campbell [now Barrington Street] Road[ii], Halifax, Nova Scotia. His trade is pattern maker and he 5’7¾” at 140 lbs. He is 18-years old and is about to have his 19th birthday. He has prior military experience with the 66th Regiment
December 30, 1915 Anti-Typhoid Inoculation
January 15, 1916 Vaccinated
January 16, 1916 Anti-Typhoid Inoculation
January 30, 1916 Arrives England Arrives East Sandling Camp and is assigned to the 17th Reserve Battalion.
February 1, 1916 Assigns Pay Assigns $15.00 per month to his mother, Mrs. A. Storey.
March 3, 1916 Admitted Moore Barracks, Canadian Hospital, Shornecliffe Admitted in hospital for the ailment of “Deformity of Both Great Toes”.
March 6, 1916 Operation A Captain Henry performed a “Removal of Toe Nails”.
March 10, 1916 Admitted Canadian Convalescent Hospital, Monk Horton for recovery from toe operation.
March 22, 1916 Discharged Discharged from hospital.
April 1, 1916 Embarks for France
April 2, 1916 Arrives Canadian Base Depot Arrives at the Canadian Base Depot in Etaples, France.
April 4, 1916 Transferred to the 18th Battalion “Taken on Strength” with the 18th Battalion.
April 18, 1916 Proceeds to Unit Leaves the C.B.D. and sets out to active combat service.
April 20, 1916 Joined Unit Arrives at 18th Battalion. The War Diary records on that day: “Battalion in DICKEBUSCH. 21 o.r.s arrived as reinforcements. 4 o.r.s admitted to Hospital. 4 o.r.s returned from Hospital.”
April 27, 1916 Wounded Wounded left leg, possibly on the night of April 26 as the War Diary records shelling that night but no record of men wounded.. Admitted to 6 C.F.A. and then to No. 17 C.C.S. From the C.S.S. he is transferred to No. 16 [hospital] Train and transported to No. 20 General Hospital.
May 9, 1916 Admitted Hospital Admitted to No. 20 General Hospital, Camiers, France for a wound sustained on April 28, 1916. Wounded left leg.
May 16, 1916 Discharged Discharged from No. 20 General Hospital back the the Canadian Base Depot.
May 19, 1916 Canadian Base Depot Arrives C.B.D.
May 20, 1916 Proceeding to Join Unit Proceeds to join unit from the No. 3 General Base Hospital.
May 22, 1916 Joined Unit Officer Commanding, 18th Battalion, reports arrival of Private Storey to unit.
June 30, 1916 Killed in Action The Battalion was in “Reserve” on the date of Private Storey’s death. The War Diary is not at all helpful with determining the circumstances of death for Private Storey. No mention of casualties was made that day and his service record only determines he was “Killed in Action” a vague, though accurate description of the outcome to his service experience.
June 30, 1916 est. Buried Private Frederick Storey is buried at the Bedford House Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium at Enclosure No. 41, Site M.9. His epitaph reads “I HAVE FOUGHT A GOOD FIGHT I HAVE KEPT THE FAITH”. He is buried along with 17 other members of the Battalion that made the ultimate sacrifice.
December 9, 1920 Memorial Scroll Despatched Memorial Scroll despatched to Mr. and Mrs. R.J Storey, now residing at Best Street in Dartmouth. Scroll number: Z3876.
January 12, 1922 Memorial Plaque Despatched As above. Plaque number: PC3548.


[i] Note that the birth year is inaccurate. Private Storey was under-age when he enlisted.

[ii] It appears that due to damage from the Halifax Explosion the Storeys may have moved to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Source: CVWM. Grave Marker – This image was taken March 29th, 2010 by Heather Storey on a school trip to Europe.


Photo courtesy of Marg Liessens.Source: CVWM

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