Bivouac of the Dead: The 18th Battalion’s Experience at the Battle at Flers-Courcelette.

“On France's eternal camping groundTheir silent tents are spread.While glory guards with solemn roundThe Bivouac of the Dead.”Poem attached to Sergeant Chester P. Smiths Memorial Page. Adaptation of Bivouac of the Dead, Theodore O’Hara, 1851. There is a succinct, enigmatic entry in the pages of the 18th Battalion’s War Diary for September 1916. “NOT MUCH... Continue Reading →

3 Officers. One Action. 3 Results.

 Charles Herbert Kerr had family ties in the Brussel, Ontario area and lived in Clinton until he eventually moved to Welland, Ontario. He enlisted with the C.E.F. and after being posted to the 36th Battalion in England was taken on strength with the 18th Battalion on December 14, 1915. It was during a fateful operation... Continue Reading →

A Traitor in the Ranks

The war is over. Not long over but the reverberations and attitudes to people considered “others” by Canadian society appears to still be prevalent and on the minds of the general public even at wars end. At least it was important enough to make a page three story in the Border Cities Star published in... Continue Reading →

“But should I die serving my country…”

John Archibald McCallum was old by the standards of the average Canadian soldier enlisting in 1916. The attestation papers remark that his hair was “Black sprinkled with grey” when he joined the 160th Battalion at Lion’s Head, Ontario. Regardless of this sign of age the doctor examining him declared his physical development as “excellent.” The... Continue Reading →

Blog Updates for September 2016

This past month a focus on the activities of the 18th Battalion with its involvement in the actions that occurred 100 years ago at the Somme was made. Several posts outlining with more detail the events that affected the 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade offered some insight into the actions of the 18th Battalion on that... Continue Reading →

Images for The Bluffs Post

The Bluff was a sector of the battle space in which the 18th Battalion was involved. Below are some images of the Bluff(s) and this excellent PDF file from the CWGC outlines, in brief, the history of the conflict in the area and the establishment of war graves.      

War Diary of the 18th Battalion: March 1917

CONFIDENTIAL WAR DIARY OF 18th Canadian Battalion – 2nd Canadian Division From 1st March to 31st March 1917 Volume 19 7 Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information Brigade Support 1 18th Battalion in Brigade Support THELUS SECTOR. Working parties out repairing and draining support and communication trenches. 2 Position same. LIEUT. Col. G.F.... Continue Reading →

Report of Operations: St. Eloi

18th CANADIAN BATTALION REPORT OF OPERATIONS - - NIGHT 0F 9/10 APRIL UNDER 4TH BDE. ORDER Situation before operations: 'B' Company was holding aline as indicated by Lieut. Lawson (since killed), with about 50 men. Map reference ST. ELOI 0.2.D21/2.8 and 'C' Company with 1 Officer, 21 men, was spread along old 'Q' line 14... Continue Reading →

The Attack and Battle of Vimy Ridge

To my recollection, the first time I learned about Vimy Ridge was when my Mother pointed out to me a page notated by my Uncle William Dewar in Pierre Burton's book Vimy. A notation my Uncle made on a page hi-lighting a mention of the 18th Battalion in regards to Sergeant Ellis Welwood Sifton and... Continue Reading →

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