Leonard, Alfred George: Service no. 803194

Digitized Service Record

Source: Per post about this man and his graffiti by Quentin de Givenchy at the 18th Battalion Facebook Group.


Family Search:

This man enlisted with the 135th OS Battalion on 9 May 1916 at London, Ontario. Arriving in England on 30 June 1916 he was TOS with the 116th Reserve Battalion and then transferred to the 18th Battalion arriving at it on 3 December 1916. He developed trench-foot and was sent for recuperation and treatment to England and was returned to France and attached to the 4th Canadian Mortar Battery on 1 February 1917. He was transferred to this unit on 26 October 1918 and rejoined the 18th Battalion on 27 November 1918. He was appointed a Lance-Corporal on 15 December 1918 and was discharged when the 18th Battalion was disbanded at London, Ontario on 24 May 1919.

He married Delores Melvira Laswrason on 30 December 1919.

He is recorded to be living at London, Ontario in 1929.

He appears to have moved to the United States after 1929.

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