Patterson, William Aubrey: Service no. 2448393

Digitized Service Record

Source: Kern letter search for W.M. Patterson who served in same company per Kern’s letter in his profile page.


Does anyone have info on William Aubrey Patterson b. 1897 in Parkhill Ontario to Andrew and Ada(Grieve)
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Looking for more information on William Aubrey Patterson b. 1897 in Parkhill, Ontario to Andrew Mitchell Patterson and Ada Hellen Grieve. He died July 29, 1971. He married Amy Loretta Harris on 11 Nov. 1923. They had one daughter, Joyce June on 1 April 1925. Joyce June Patterson was my maternal grandmother.

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william aubrey patterson 

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Library and Archives Canada’s Soldiers of the First World War collection has his enlistment record.

In May of 1917, he was living with his mother at 940 Porter Street in Detroit, and was working as a chauffeur. He enlisted at Windsor, Ontario.

The back side of the form has his physical description. William was 5’3″ with a medium complexion, brown eyes, and dark brown hair.
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What sort of information are you looking for?

From the 1901 Census of Canada the family is listed as Andrew and Ada and children Irene, John, William, and Thomas. Ref:

In 1910 the family is enumerated in Detroit as consisting of Andrew and Ada and children Irene B.; Earl J.; Aubrey W.; Oswald T.; and Walter W. Ref:

in 1920 the family is again enumerated in Detroit, with Andrew and Ada still living with children Aubrey, Oswald, Walter and a daughter born after 1910, Lois. Ref:

After the 1920 Census (enumerated 14 Jan) we find the record of his marriage to Margaret J. Sutton on 20 Mar 1920. The marriage record gives William’s occupation as Auto Mechanic. Ref:

Based on your information that William and amy married on 11 Nov 1923, he must have divorced Margaret Sutton since she did not pass away until 19 Jan 1939. Ref:

Perhaps the quick divorce was because Margaret was hiding the fact that she has already been married once. Contrary to what is indicated on the marriage record cited above, there is a marriage record of a Jimmie Whalen and Margaret Sutton (d/o Otes and Mary) from 1917. Ref:

Getting a bit off topic, I am speculating that William and Amy are divorced by 1929, based on the marriage record of John E Yenkel and Amy Harris here: and the fact that in the 1930 Census we find a John and Amy Yenkel with a daughter Joyce Jun Patterson, age 5. Ref:

Returning to William Patterson, I think it is possible that the record in 1940 listing a William Patterson in Pontiac City, MI listed as “brother” in the household of Olive and her husband Walter Patterson is a good possibile match: Ref:

The birth order reflected in the records above is not consistent with that given by Brent Downey in the post that you have already read here:

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Forgot the marriage record for William and Loretta in 1923:
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William married a Loretta. Harris on Nov7, 1923. Her parents are George and Emma Mawhinney. She was born in Detroit about 1905.. This is in the marriage records for Ontario thought you would be interested that the date was different
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