Fleming, Edward George: Service no. 53240


Digitized Service Record


Soldiers Well Treated London Advertiser March 23 1915 Page 3
Mention of this soldier as a humorist at a chruch function during the early part of his enlistment. London Advertiser. March 23, 1915. Page 3.

Excerpt from a letter from Edna Nelson (Wife of Major G.W. Nelson) to Edith Kidd dated May 2, 1916:

“Major Emmerton’s brother Sergt. Emmerton was shot in the face and the piece of shrapnel had to be cut out of muscles of his neck. He is in England now and has lost sense of taste and smell completely. Lance Corporal Fleming of Owen Sound a fine big six-footer and really good looking chap had lost one leg. The shell that hit him killed the two men with him in Transport service.”

Lance-Corporal Fleming is most likely Edward Fleming, reg. no. 53240 who was wound April 11, 1916 from a GSW to the right leg and was do die of those wounds and gas gangrene on April 19, 1916.



Lance-Corp. Fleming’s Wounds at Front Prove Fatal

Father is in the 147th

OWEN SOUND, April 21 – Pte. George Fleming, of the 147th Battalion, received word today from Ottawa that his son, Lance-Corp. Edward Fleming, had died of wounds received in action in Flanders. He was admitted some days ago to No. 1 Hospital, France, and word came yesterday that he suffered from a complicated fracture of the leg, indicating that gangrene had set in. Lance-Corporal Fleming enlisted at Windsor.

London Free Press, April 22, 1916.

"Died of Wounds" (Gunshot Wound Right Leg, Fractured) at No. 4 General Hospital, Camiers.
“Died of Wounds” (Gunshot Wound Right Leg, Fractured) at No. 4 General Hospital, Camiers.

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