Northcombe, Douglas McDonald: Lieutenant

Digitized Service Record

Source: February 1916 War Diary taken on strength.

Lt. D. McD. Northcombe 34th Battalion. Source: Galt Daily Reporter. May 20, 1915. Page 1.

Lieutenant Douglas Northcombe of D Company led his party of bombers down Cowdray Trench to its junction with Contract Trench where he met the raiding party of the 21st Battalion. Earlier, his party had found a large supply of German stick grenades in a bombing post and where are armed and thrown into the dugouts along the sides of Cowdray Trench.

Antal, S., & Shackleton, K. (2006). Hill 70: A Canadian-Style Attack. InDuty nobly done: The official history of the Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment(1st ed., p. 235). Windsor, ON: Walkerville Pub.

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