Bedding, James: Service no. 775960

Digitized Service Record

Source: Per 18th Canadian Battalion “D” Coy., West Ont. Regt. May 1919 photograph.


18th Canadian Battalion “D” Coy., West Ont. Regt. May 1919.
Top Row, Left to Right – Ptes. J Gosnell, J. Hunter, W. Phillips, G. Read, G. Phillips, W. Walters, J. St. Augin, R. Thompson, A. Norman, J. Bedding, G. Luff, C. Sankey, C. Cameron, C. Sparks, P. Morningstar, L/Corp. R. Marshall
2nd Row, Left to Right – Ptes. J. Dobbelaer, M. Kelly, W. Campbell, J. Atkins, N. Mayhew, S. Stewart, G. Vandusen, E. Strain, G. Schyvinch, R. Ortelli, W. Gordon, O. Nelles [Identified by Kevin Bovin as Addison Clifton Newton Nelles, reg. no. 542438], J. Ball, F. Kirkup, G. Laidlaw, C. Wightman
3rd Row, Left to Right – Ptes. S. Gooding, M. White, A. Joy, H. Cowle, R. Meloche, W. Bender, F. Mills, B. Lacount, S. Arbackle, S. Corrigan, R. Fielder, L. White, J. St. Clair, L. Wilson, J. McLaughlin, E. Connor
4th Row, Left to Right – Ptes. A. Kerr, W. Findlay, F. Huck, W. Laplante, A. Greygoose, D. McGregor, O. Whitmee, T. Walkinghood, W. Edmundson, W. Sewell, C. Herald, A. Laidlaw, P. Martin, G. Smith, H. Whipple, A. Bleach, W. Lale, R. Ritchie, O. Gibbs
5th Row, Left to Right – Pte. G. Thompson, Sgts. F. McLean, J. Leeson, J. Tuson, A. Tayles, C.S.M. J. Harper, Lieut. E.G. Barrie, Lieut. H.N. Bawden, Lieut. J.A. McMillan, Capt. D.R. Oliver, Lieut. A.H. Jones, Lieut. W.K. Rooney, C.Q.M.S. A.E. Mundy, Serfts. D.M. Ross, W.G. Burder, A.A. Drummond, V.H. Burns, Pte. H. Marshall.
6th Row, Left to Right – Ptes. R. Guerin, N. Liness, B. Poole, J. Barnard, B. Haslam, Corps. V.W. Johnson, R.B. Duncan, J.W. Laughlin, C.B. Cruickshanks, L/Corp. F. Robinson, Corp. R.W. Wilson, Ptes. B. Nicholls, J. Brandow, A. Bishop, A. Atto, G. Harper.
Bottom Row, Left to Right – Ptes. R. Carswell, F. Oraszek, “Nell” (the dog), Pte. E. Noble, L/Corp. B. Oakman

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