Yeaman, Robert Leitch: Service No. 769110


Digitized Service Record

Source: August 1917 Casualty.


Robert Leitch Yeaman Newspaper Article. Toronto Evening Telegram – October 3, 1917.


Mrs. Agnes Yeaman, whose city address is 134½ Mutual street, but who is now at Gravenhurst, has been informed that her husband, Pte. Robert L. Yeaman, was killed in action on Augusts 21st last. The last letter from him was dated two days before that, and in it he stated that he was still in rest billets, and that she need not worry concerning him. She hopes, therefore, that there may be some mistake. Pte. Yeaman’s name is on the honor roll of Central Methodist Church. He was born in Edinburgh, and came to Canada six years ago. He went overseas in August last year. Mrs. Yeaman has been in hospital the past three months.

Source: Toronto Evening Telegram. October 3, 1917.

Bully-Grenay21Aug1917Waugh Family (Source)

Agnes Jane Gray Russell & Robert Leitch Yeaman

Agnes Jane Gray Russell (daughter of John Scott Russell and Jane McBain Gray) married Robert Leitch Yeaman (born Dec 18, 1885, son of David Yeaman and Catherine Leitch) on June 1, 1916, in Toronto, Canada. Robert had joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force on Dec 23, 1915, in Toronto. He served with the Canadian Infantry 18th and 124th Battalions in France.

#004139-16 – Robert Leitch YEAMAN, 30, soldier, Edinburgh, Toronto, s/o David YEAMAN & Catherine LEITCH, married Agnes Jane Gray RUSSELL, 31, Dundee Scotland, Toronto, d/o John Scott RUSSELL & Jane GRAY, witn: L.H. YEO of 400 Indian Rd & Miss A.L. HARRIS of 576 Sherbourne St., 1 June 1916


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