Anatomy of a Soldier’s Page

Introduction In a recent post updating this blog and its progress Marika Pirie posted a picture on Twitter that initiated this post. Hopefully post will help others in their work to discovering soldiers of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces that they are researching. This post will show step-by-step the process taken to create a Soldier's Page... Continue Reading →

Update on Blog

The blog is progressing well and I am learning a lot along the way. At this time I have approximately 44 soldiers to be added to the Soldiers Pages in the blog where I have done the initial research and now need to go back and redo the research and properly document this in a... Continue Reading →

New and Modified Soldiers Pages as of December 16, 2014

  Rayward, Theodore Oswald Hampton: Service no. 53279 Mewburn, John Chilton: Lieutenant Morrison, Gordon Fraser: Major Humphreys, John: Service no. 413050 Wiese, Harold John: Service no. 802732 Underwood, Clayton Elmer: Service no. 3131734 Stewart, James Charlton: Service no. 53970 Riley, Charles Herbert: Service no. 730379 Osborne, Albert Edward: Service no. 730713 Lee, John: Service no.... Continue Reading →

New and Modified Soldiers Pages as of November 14, 2014

Aylward, George: Service no. 53883 The Carthy Brothers Carthy, Percy: Service no. 54210 Carthy, Eric: Service no. 54209 Norwood, James Hamiton: Service no. 53605 Pollard, Harry William: Service no. 53881 The Lavelle Brothers Lavelle, Russell George: Service no. 126224 Lavelle, Lewis Edward: Service no. 3132249 Lavelle, Leonard Stanslau: Service no. 3131642 Reynolds, William Henry: Service... Continue Reading →

Soldiers Posted Today

One of the primary objectives of this blog is to list the soldiers found in the 18th Battalion War Diary. As research shows that the private soldier (or "other ranks") where rarely mentioned in the War Diary of the 18th Battalion the research has been expanded to list any soldier found during research for this... Continue Reading →

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