Hook, Henry George: Service no. 53462

Digitized Service Record

Source: War Diary.

The following information has been placed here unformatted for reference.

Died: 24 Dec 1953, Woodstock Ontario
Wife: Effie Hook [Broadley]
Address: 216 Light ST, Woodstock, ON

The ancestry site has some records as well:

Baptism: 13 Jul 1884, Swainswick, Somerset, England
Father: George Hook
Mother: Louisa Andrews

From UK Census records (1891-1911):
Father: George Hook (~1864)
Mother: Louisa [Andrews] (~1864)
Sister: Mary Elizabeth (~1887)
Brother: Ernest (~1894)
Brother: Walter (~1899)
Brother: Reginald (~1906)
There is also a birth record for a “Willie Hook” born to a George & Louisa Hook in Swainswick, Dec 30, 1891, which I would assume is another brother, but as he is not in the subsequent censuses, it is quite possible he died as a child. I didn’t see a death record yet though. (He could also be staying with relatives, which would require more thorough search to track and find.)

From Canadian Passenger records, Henry George arrived in Canada, 3 Jun, 1912 on the Megantic, headed for Ingersoll, Ontario (Ticket 395810), with $20 in cash.

He married Effie Broadley in Woodstock, Ontario, 12 Feb 1921. Effie was born ~1889 in Yorkshire, England.
Canada 1921 Census records show him and Effie in Woodstock. There is also listed a 5yr old son “Benjamin”. Though as he and Effie were married in 1921, and the census indicates Effie and Benjamin immigrated to Canada in 1921, I suspect he is not Henry George’s natural son, and was born to Effie out of wedlock in Yorkshire England (She is listed as a spinster, not widow in her marriage record). There is an index record of a Benjamin Broadley being born in Yorkshire, 1916, but no further details on mother and father.

Source: Post at CEF Research.ca

Some additional information pulled from Ontario Voter records.

Records have Effie & Henry at 315 Delatre Street, Woodstock in 1935, 1940, 1949 & 1953. And Effie living alone as a widow at the same address 1957, 1958, 1962 & 1972.

Benjamin is listed at 315 Delatre ST (living at home) in 1940. In 1945 & 1949 it has a Benjamin Hook (occupation postal clerk) at 213 Delatre ST with his wife (no name given).
In 1953 there is a Benjamin and Margaret Hook at 76 Graham ST. I assume that this is the same, and that his wife name from above is Margaret, as the occupation listed is postal clerk. Then they are listed at 216 Light ST in 1953, 1957 & 1958. You’ll notice that this is the death address for HG listed on the Veterans death card, so I think we can assume this is the right Benjamin Hook.
In 1962 Benjamin (listed as B B) is still listed at 216 Light ST, but now with a widow, Mary Stewart. We can assume that his first wife has either died or is divorced between 1958-1962.
In 1965 he is listed alone at 216 Light ST.
1968 & 1972 He is now at 252 Brenda CR, Wodstock, but with a Marion Hook. Either a new wife (perhaps Mary Stewart above?) or could possibly be a relative of some sort.
In 1972 there is also a Miss Jane Hook living with him, this is likely his daughter or Mary’s daughter (if Mary isn’t a wife). If his daughter, would have been with Margaret as she would have to have been born 1953 or before (19yr voting age).

We can also note in the 1949 listing for Henry and Effie, there is a “Leslie Hook (carpenter)”. This may be another son, and can be found in later voter records with a wife “Audrey”.

Curiously, there is also a Reginald Hook in Woodstock records through this time that could possibly be his brother.

Source: Post at CEF Research.ca

Veterans Death Cards: First World War
Veterans Death Cards: First World War

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  1. Hi – I am a relative of Henry Hook and came across the page. I am looking for any information on Henry and his service with the CEF. Any help gratefully received.

    1. Mark,

      Some good news. As this was one of the first pages I ever created it gave me a chance to check the availability of this soldier’s digitized service record should be shortly. The L.A.C. is in the process of scanning them and currently is in the “H’s” so his page will have an updated link withing the month I would think. If you have any information to share please feel free to do so.



    2. Mark,

      I see you found a great resource at cefresearch.ca. I have posted the information on the thread here and will keep my eye on it for more info.

    3. How are you related to Henry? He was my grandfather and we are trying to piece together the Hook family tree.

  2. This is a great source of information regarding part of our family. My name is Douglas Hook. I am a grandson of Henry George Hook. My father was the carpenter Leslie Hook. He passed away in 1983 January 13 at Woodstock General Hospital. All immediate members of Henry and Effie’s family have passed away. Ben, Marjorie (Drennan), Reginald, then Doris (Sibley) was the order of passing I believe. Ben had 2 children through his first marriage, Jane and then Brian. Marjorie had 2 sons, Gary and Johnny. Reginald had 4 children; Terry, Marlene, Elva, and Martin. Doris had one daughter and 2 sons; Marion (Morris), Gordon, and Robert. Leslie married Mary Wright and she bore 2 sons, Lorie and myself Douglas. All of the grandchildren continue to live. Unfortunately, the Hooks of our area were not a terribly close knit family and we rarely reunited except at funerals and weddings. If there are any other parts of the family, regardless of how extended you may be, I would love to hear from you and grow the tree.


    1. Doug,

      Thank you for posting and contributing to the blog. I have approved your post and you will be able to post from now on without me having me to do this. I appreciate your writing and if you have any images, remembrances, etc. to share please feel free to contact me. There is also an 18th Battalion Facebook Group you can join.


  3. HI All – Henry Hook was a 1st Cousin 2 x removed on my fathers side if the family. Henry’s mother was a 2nd great aunt of mine.
    I do have quite a lot of information about the family back here in the UK as well as some relevant newspaper articles etc. More than happy to share this with members of the Hook family – let me know an email address and I will be in touch.

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