Hare, David: Service no. 53344

Digitized Service Record

Source: Photo submission of headstone by The London Robinsons at the 18th Battalion Facebook Group.

Military Police with 18th Battalion London Free Press December 1914
Militia Police with the 18th Battalion. Source: Operation Picture Me via The 18th Battalion Facebook Group. London Free Press. December 1914.

These are the men who have in their charge the good conduct of the soldiers in training in London. They take charge in any trouble in which soldiers may be involved and civil authority is resorted to only when these men do not happen to be at hand or they require assistance. They are: Top row, Private W.E. Robinson[i], Private A.E. Windle, Private H.H. Hatch; bottom row, Private J.J. Stevenson[ii], Private A.E. Clarke, Corporal J. Hodgson and Private D. Hare.

[i] Unidentified.

[ii] Unidentified.

The Border Cities Star May 30, 1935. Page 19. Future Fades War Wounds Upset Plans of Janitor for New London Building. This man would die in 1940.

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