Camp, Ralph Hobson: Service no. 880563

Digitized Service Records

Source: Chapter 14, CBC transcripts “In Flanders Fields”


Camp, Ralph Hobson: Service no. 880563
Chapter 14 Ralph Hobson Camp description of concentration of troops Somme
R.H. Camp describing the concentration of the 18th Battalion troops before the attack on the Somme in September 1916.

If the Germans had ever got wise, oh it would have been a terrible slaughter, because we were parked in there so tight, well you couldn’t move until you go the order to advance, you see.

R H Camp march into Germany
R.H. Camp and Fred Wingfield describe Canadian troops marching into Germany post November 11, 1918.

CAMP: When we got into Hanuff, about 30 kilometres on the other side of the Rhine, when we marched down the street, well there wasn’t a soul on the street but you could see people peeking from out behind the curtains and we found out why afterwards.

Wingfield: Apparently they were told that the Canadian Army was made up primarily of red Indian and there was a danger of scalpling and they were to hid all the silverware that they could possibly hide.

Camp: They were quite surprises when the found out we were civilized.


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