Soldiers Listed in Diary

A record of the soldiers listed in the 18th Battalion’s War Diary. This is starting June 5, 2014 and soldiers previously mentioned will be added later.

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  1. i was looking to find info on C. Hooker that i saw on the google search page.could be a relative.just fun to research too

  2. Hi, I have some diaries, poetry and photos from Fred G Newton, who is listed as mentioned in your diaries. Please contact me via email if you are interested in some information (

  3. Hello, fantastic work you’re doing here. I’m wondering if you may be able to find some additional info. for me re. my husbands Grandfather. He already knew he was a “British Home Child”. I have traced his record to arriving aboard the “Caronia” July 1923 in Halifax from Liverpool His name was Edward Thomas Simmons, b. 1912. He was 11 when he came here, indeed as an orphan as I have confirmed records and matched to known facts from the family (what little there is) He was sent to Marchmont Home,in Belleville, here in Ontario. His record # is 46409. As my MIL is getting on in age, I would like to fill in some unknowns if at all possible, ie. where did Edward get sent to after the home ? He did leave to go to war, we do know that, but he told very little else of his life, which we gather was quite brutal and abusive at times. Any help would be so very appreciated. Thank you , kind regards, Sue Halliwell

    1. Susan, I would refer you to the British Home Children Advocacy & Research Association Public at Facebook. It has 10,000 members and is an amazing resource for a question such as yours. It is at . Additionally, they have a web site with an extensive database and resources at . I did a search and found your relative at . I do not specialize in BHC and your relative may have served in the Canadian Forces in WW 2 such information is available at the LAC for relatives. you can request the documents but I understand there is a 2-year wait.

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