Leary, Harry AKA Lieb, Harry: Service no. 141018


Digitized Service Record

Source: Earned the Military Medal for “Bravery in the Field” during the actions at the Somme September 1916.


Note: Buried at Zivy Crater and the second soldier of the 18th Battalion to be buried there and serving under an assumed name. Please see this post about Private Symonds/Pantall for more information.

Henry Lieb enlisted under the assumed name of Henry Leary at Niagara Camp, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario on August 2, 1915. He enlisted with the 76th Overseas Battalion and indicated that he had 10-years of service with the field artillery of the United States Army.

Arriving in England on May 5, 1916, he only served in England until he was transferred to the 18th Battalion (July 6, 1916) and arrived in the field with the Battalion on July 30, 1916.

It is possible he distinguished himself during the Battle of Flers-Courcelette (September 15, 1916) as he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant on September 16, 1916. He was further rewarded the Military Medal per the London Gazette on December 21, 1916.

He served the Battalion until his death during the attack on Vimy Ridge by the Canadian Corps and elements of the BEF.

Appendix to October 1916 War Diary outlining the soldiers who won decorations from Septembers 1916 action on the Somme Front.
“This soldier enlisted under an assumed name, for full particulars see sheet under 141018 Sergeant Leary, H.” Note: Not able to locate this sheet.

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