Hill, Daniel: Service no. 409291

Digitized Service Record

Source: Per post of headstone of this soldier by Greg Melanson from the 18th Battalion Facebook Group.


Died of coronary thrombosis. Next of kin listed as Maude E. Hill, 5 Batavia Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.

This man enlisted at Toronto, Ontario with the 37th Battalion on July 15, 1915. He was married to Mrs. Annie Hill who resided at 592 Indian Grove, Toronto, Ontario. He was a car repairer and stood 5″10.5″ high.

He served with the 18th Battalion after arriving in England on March 15, 1916. He served in England until transferred to the 18th Battalion, arriving in the field on May 31, 1916. He served with the Battalion until he was taken ill with PUO severe and was returned to England for treatment and recuperation in February 1917.

He returned to the Battalion on December 2, 1917, and served with the Battalion until March 22, 1918, when he was given permission to return to Canada on compassionate grounds.

He was discharged from the CEF on July 19, 1919, at Toronto, Ontario.

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