Snelling, Stanley: Service no. 53509

Digitized Service Record

Source: London First World War Twitter Account @LdnOntWW1

Source: London First World War Twitter Account @LdnOntWW1.

This, according to the Chicago Saturday Blade, is Carolyn S.P. of New Platz, near Poughkeppsie, N.Y., who threw a red rose to Pte. Snelling, of the 18th Battalion as his corps left here for France. Pte. Snelling returned wounded, and announced that he has brought the red rose back to the girl who threw it. A dozen have claimed to have been in on Cupid’s battery, including a new arrival from Chicago.

Source: Circa 1917 (August 25, 1917 possibly the London Free Press). Via @LdnOntWW1.


Source: Operation Picture Me via The 18th Battalion Facebook Group. London Free Press. April 23, 1917.