Morykwas, Alexander AKA Marquis, Alex: Service no. 141024


Digitized Service Record

Source: Unknown

Under age.

Attested with the names Alexander Marquis AKA Alexander Morykwas.


British War Medal archived at the Canadian War Museum.

Note that this soldier was wounded during the accidental explosion of a grenade during a training demonstration by Lieutenant William Ormiston Brown. An account of the accident can be found here.

“Killed in Action”

Listed at the CWGC and the CVWM as being 16. Attestation papers say he was born in 1897 so was at least 18 at time of death but if you look at the scan of the burial record of this soldier you will see that the original record has been covered by a rectangular paper with a notation possibly correcting the age of the soldier. Was Alexander Morykwas AKA Alexander Marquis a child soldier who was actually 14 to 15 years old when he joined.

The name is Polish in origin and this soldier indicated a different name on his attestation papers, that he was born in Welland, Ontario, Canada and his religion was Wesleyan.

Close up of CWGC Capture
Original document. Note the lower left corner of the document and compare it to the close up of the document above.

Canadian Virtual War Memorial

The following reference was found in Guarding Niagara: The Welland Canal Force 1914 – 1918 on page 96. A simple entry, last name, first name, and no service number.

Morykwas Alexander: Service no. 141024 page 1
Morykwas Alexander: Service no. 141024 page 2

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