Rouse, Raymond Earl: Service no. 53500 (Military Medal / Military Cross)

Digitized Service Record

Source: Service Record of Pte. James Baird, reg. no. 769184. See note written by Sergeant Rouse regarding accidental injury.


Note: This soldier does not show up under the LAC database using this regimental number. Search last name: Rouse, fore name: Raymond Earl.

Military Medal and Military Cross.

Biographical Details

London Gazette 1917
London Gazette No. 30172, 9/7/17, page 6843. Service record indicates this was a reference to Sgt. Rouse winning Military Medal.
MM Citation 1919
Service records: London Gazette no 31119 dated 11/01/1919, page 664.

Lt. Raymond Earl Rouse, M.M., 18th Bn., Can. Infy., Western Ontario R.

After the company commander had become a casualty and the attack was held up he took command of the company in a very difficult situation, and within a short distance of the enemy lines he reorganized the men with admirable skill, and later on went out under heavy fire to bring in some wounded, thus saving may lives. His gallantry and devotion to duty were conspicuous examples.

London Gazette no 31119 dated 11/01/1919, page 664.

Baird Sprained Ankle 3
Statement by Sgt. Rouse regarding the accidental injury of Pte. Baird. For Pte. Baird’s service record see his soldier page in this blog.

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