Cochrane, Arthur Alginon: Service no. 412697

Digitized Service Record

Source: The WW 1 Album of Dorothy Earnshaw.


Diary located here.

Note that this soldier is also listed under regimental number 1260396 as he re-enlisted after being wounded and discharged. He enlisted in England.

Letter to Nurse
A poem written by Pte. A. Cochrane for V.A.D. Nurse Dorothy Earnshaw. He was convalesing there after being wounded in action on November 22, 1915 at Ypres. He was at the Manor Hospital in Folkestone during December 1915.

The Soldier Lover

Yes go sweetheart, I would not not bid [thee] stay
The country calls, then ’tis for thee to obey
What matters if I’m lonely
My soldier lover shall be true
He’ll be brave serving the Red White and Blue
But when the war is over, and the heroes marching home
I’ll be the first to greet you soldier lover of my own
Then farewell dear, God bless you
May you safely dear return to thy home and loved ones waiting
To thy faithful one you left behind

Pte. A. Cochrane
No. 412697, 18th Can
Toronto, Canada

Thanking Miss Earnshaw for her kindness to me while my stay at the Manor House Hospital.

VAD Dorothy Earnshaw.

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