“…because life in the trenches was less irksome and monotonous and no more beastly than in places like Bouvigny Huts”

Bouvigny Huts. Bouvigny Huts. Those two words may have spelled mixed feelings with the Battalion. This would be the first time they ware billeted there but other battalions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force reported the conditions for this facility in the rear that “…life in the trenches was less irksome and monotonous and no more... Continue Reading →

The Attentions of Miss Mary

18th Battalion Association[i] Windsor and Detroit Branch *MEMORIES[ii]* Do you remember that just before Christmas (1915) every member of the Battalion received a nice gift package from the people of Windsor. Inside each package was a card showing the name of the donor. You were supposed to sign the card and hand it back in.... Continue Reading →

September 1915 Casualties: 18th Battalion

The month of September 1915 was the first time the 18th Battalion served in the front-line and it was not until the end of the month that it suffered its first battle deaths. Rank Surname Forename Date of Death Reg. No. Lance Corporal FREW WILLIAM WALLACE 30/09/1915 53227 Captain HALLAM ERNEST WALTER 29/09/1915  Link Private... Continue Reading →

The Raid at Hill 70

4th Canadian Infantry Brigade Order No. 142 outlined the details of a raid on the German lines in detail. The order specifically directs the Battalion in the intention and actions during the raid and was an important preparatory step for the Battalion, and the other Battalions of the Brigade for the attach on Hill 70... Continue Reading →

August 1917 Casualties

Casualties from August 1917. Not all the soldiers died in the field or in action. Several of the soldiers listed here died in Canada after receiving wounds in action and returning. Surname Forename Rank Reg. No. AIKIN DAVID Private 880497 ALLEN HENRY Private 158529 ARNOLD MARK Private 53770 BARTLEMAN  SCOTT Private 730043 BEAUDIN ELIE Private... Continue Reading →

A Mother Found

Private Robert Mitchell Armitage was a little out of his element when he was transferred to the 18th Battalion. Private Armitage enlisted in London, Ontario but was originally born in Montreal, Quebec and listed his “current address” upon attestation as Charlestown, Ohio. This Canadian man who joined initially the 1st Depot Battalion, Western Ontario Regiment... Continue Reading →

April 1917 Casualties

April 1917 is a historical focal point in Canadian history. The Battle of Vimy Ridge is lauded over every year as a seminal moment in Canada's history and from this author's point of view the attention is well deserved. The battle was effectively fought and realized its aims with dash and elan. There were problems... Continue Reading →

He was loving and kind to all…

On the 7th of May, 1915 in London, Ontario a young 21 year old Herman Aitken, reg. no. 112168 enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force with the 7th Canadian Mounted Rifles. In England he was attached to the Fort Garry Horse on January 2, 1916 and transferred to the Continent to join that unit. It... Continue Reading →

March 1917 Casualties

March 1917 involved 1,036 casualties resulting in death. Of those 11 where of the 18th Battalion.     Rank Surname Forename Age Date of Death Reg. No. Additional Information Corporal BUCK ARTHUR LAWRENCE 28 24/03/1917 124539 SON OF FREDERICK WILLIAM BUCK AND ELLEN BUCK, OF 6, RICHMOND TERRACE, NORTHGATE, PONTEFRACT, YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND. Private BUCKLEY JOHN... Continue Reading →

Private Goodier Died 100 Years Ago Today

On November 24th, 1915 the following entry outlines the activity of the 18th Battalion on that day: "'B' [and] 'D' Coys [companies] relieved 'a' [and] 'C' Coys in trenches. But that day was to have more import for Private Edward Goodier, reg. no. 53678. His "Circumstances of Death" card outlines what happened: At about 6.30... Continue Reading →

July 1916 Butcher’s Bill

14 soldiers of the 18th Battalion were killed in action or died of wounds in April 1916. Compare this to the 22 officers and 658 other ranks who became casualties in one action of the Newfoundland Regiment at Beaumont-Hamel on July 1, 1916. Rank Last Name First Name Age Date of Death Reg. No. Private... Continue Reading →

The Butcher’s Bill for June 1916

June 1916 was, sadly, a notable month for C.E.F. casualties. 3,334 service people were killed this month. 19 of them belonging to the 18th Battalion. Of note: 489375 Private Fred Storey was only 16 when he died. Last Name First Name Age Killed Rank Reg. No. BIRKS J 06/06/1916 Private 409544 CUNNINGHAM R, DCM 20... Continue Reading →

The Butcher’s Bill for May 1916

Of the 652 Canadian combatants that were killed in action or died of wounds 9 sacrificed their lives.   Rank Surname Forename Date of Death Reg. No. Private BOUTILIER N W 10/05/1916 488677 Private CLARK W 14/05/1916 415552 Private DUDLEY WILLIAM HOWARD 10/05/1916 404827 Private GILBERT P S 11/05/1916 53233 Private HUMPHREYS JOHN 13/05/1916 413050... Continue Reading →

The Butcher’s Bill for April 1916

Of the 1,067 Canadian combatants who died during April 1916 29 were members of "The Fighting 18th." Links are the Library Archives Canada regimental number page. Some of those entries have service records at date of posting this blog post. Rank Surname Forename Decoration  Date of Death Reg. No. Private DREW ALFRED HENRY 02/04/1916 402060... Continue Reading →

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