Haller, Bertram Mellville: Service no. 54023

Digitized Service Record

Source: News article Five More Men Off for Camp re. Sergeant John A. Wallace.


Source: 18th Battalion Facebook Group via David Wallace.


John Wallace, James Grant[i], Fred Lewis[ii], Harry Green[iii], and Cecil Robertson[iv]


St. Thomas Contingent of One Hundred Practically Complete Now.

Five more recruits went to the camp at London Thursday morning marking ninety-seven in al that have gone from this city. As Private J. Aldrich is to be returned home owing to the serious illness of his mother, four more are required and three have passed the doctor. The other man comes up for examination before the doctor this evening.

The five men who went to London on Thursday morning were: John Wallace, James Grant, Fred Lewis, Harry Green and Cecil Robertson. The former, a member of the local Dominion Bank staff, was presented with a wrist watch by the members of the staff prior to his departure to the mobilization camp.

Lt. Beeson Accepted.

Lieut. James Beeson, Collegiate Institute physical instructor, had been notified of his appointment as an officer with the second expeditionary force and had been notified to report at London Friday morning. Lieuts. W.J.Y. Hardy and J.G. Coyne have not as yet been notified to report.

The following are the names of the additional three men who have passed:

William Hill, city, aged 28, chef, no service.

Percy Hill, Tillsonburg, married, aged 37, eight years with the Third West Surries.

Robert Howse, aged 33, married, four years First Tar Hamlet Regiment.

Burt M. Haller[vi] also applied for enlistment on Thursday afternoon and he will be examined for the final man of the 100 allowed from here. He came to the city for the purpose of enlisting[vii] at noon and is eager to get away as soon as possible.

Source: St. Thomas Times-Journal. October 19, 1915.

[i] There is no record of a James Grant in the 18th Battalion April 1915 nominal roll. There is a recorded of a James Grant being a rejected volunteer. The LAC resource does not give enough information to make a definitive determination at this time.

[ii] Lewis, George Frederick:  Service no. 53699 enlisted St. Thomas, Ontario November 2, 1914.

[iii] Green, Harry Arthur:  Service no. 53027 (Military Medal) enlisted St. Thomas, Ontario November 2, 1914. The attestation papers indicated London, Ontario but the Nominal Roll indicated St. Thomas.

[iv] Not found.

[v] Beeson, James: Lieutenant enlisted November 4, 1914.

[vi] Haller, Bertram M.:  Service no. 54023 enlisted November 5, 1914 at St. Thomas, Ontario.

[vii] Haller’s appears to be from Preston (now Cambridge), Ontario and, as stated in the news article, traveled to St. Thomas for a chance to enlist. Perhaps the allotment for Galt/Preston/Hespeler was full. My Grandfather, William Robb Dewar, reg. no. 53902, enlisted October 26, 1914 at Galt. It appears the goal to fill each town’s enlistment quota was to be done by the first week in November. The Kitchener Public Library index card for Bertram Haller indicates he enlisted in Preston and returned to Preston after this service.

Haller, Bertram
Enlisted at Preston and has returned there from service overseas.
Source: Kitchener Public Library

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