The McDermids/MacDermids of Glammis Ontario

In a letter written in the fall by Private Joseph Edgar McAfee, regimental number 651738 the news that Neil McDermid[i] late of Glamis [Glammis], Ontario was wounded made its way across the Atlantic to find its way into the Paisley Advocate as “news from the front.” In the letter, Private McAfee relates that a fellow … Continue reading The McDermids/MacDermids of Glammis Ontario

“Did I tell you how I got hit? “: A Letter Home to Glamis Ontario

Soldiers letters do not stand on their own. They impart small, discrete, often obscure, snippets of information that connect the writer with the people of his hometown, unit, and his social circle. They can often give clues that lead to a broader understanding of the writer and his experiences during his service. The letters also … Continue reading “Did I tell you how I got hit? “: A Letter Home to Glamis Ontario

“But should I die serving my country…”

John Archibald McCallum was old by the standards of the average Canadian soldier enlisting in 1916. The attestation papers remark that his hair was “Black sprinkled with grey” when he joined the 160th Battalion at Lion’s Head, Ontario. Regardless of this sign of age the doctor examining him declared his physical development as “excellent.” The … Continue reading “But should I die serving my country…”

Bruce in Khaki Newspaper

The 160th Battalion had a newspaper overseas called "Bruce in Khaki" and it was published from October 1917 to January 1918. The 7 editions are a fascinating insight into a Canadian soldiers' life overseas and contained topical articles relating to the Battalion. The main source page that contains the editions is here.