Piper, Thomas James: Service no. 54167


Digitized Service Record


Source: November 1915 casualty.


Bother-in-Law to Sergeant Andrew Frances Black.

Brothers in Law in Ranks of 18th Who Have Fallen Lance Corp Piper London Advertiser December 3 1915 Page 1
London Advertiser. December 3, 1915. Page 1.
Thomas James Piper. The Toronto Globe. Circa 1902. Via David Archer, 18th Battalion Facebook Page.

Arthur Carlisle, Chaplain, 18th Battalion W.O.R.

Death of Pte. Thomas James Piper, 18th Battalion W.O.R., C.E.F.

Red Deer News

Wednesday, December 08, 1915

Transcribed by: M. I. Pirie

Letter is transcribed including the introduction and notes as provided in the newspaper publication.


Pte. John Piper, of the 66th Battalion, Edmonton, who was home over the week end, handed us the following letter from the Chaplain of the 18th Battalion, London, Ont., relating the particulars of the death of his brother, Corporal Thomas J. Piper.  The letter was sent to Mr. Piper’s mother:

I am very sorry indeed to have to write such a letter as this, for I know so well how badly you will feel over your son, Thomas James Piper, who fell yesterday, knowing him so well through my being at Lucan, I naturally took a great interest in him and very frequently had long conversations, and I shall miss him very much.

I know that he has been a good son to you and he was also a good soldier, in fact, one of the very best, whose influences and example were always good uplifting and all his comrades grieve with you over his death only last Sunday he was at my celebration and partook of the sacrament and now he has passed on higher, and to be with Christ which is far better while we remain amid the strife and suffering, he dwells amid peace and rest.  May God comfort and help you and all his ones who have been called for to make such a great sacrifice in this cause of justice and righteousness.

In due time you will receive his personal belongings and trinkets.  His grave is in the midst of a quiet little wood, and is marked by a wooden cross, erected by his friends of the 18th Battalion, where he did his duty so nobly.  With kind regards and every assurance of my sympathy and prayers.

Sincerely yours,


Deceased was a resident of Red Deer a few years ago and passed through the South African war.  He was in the trenches from June of this year.


Digital Service Record

Casualty Details

Family Tree

War Diary: Note no mention or excerpt of death.

News Articale
News Article
“Died of Wounds.” In the Field, Belgium.

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