Julien, Albert John: Service no. 189764

Digitized Service Record

Source: Gathering Our Heroes


Albert John Julien. Source: Gathering Our Heroes
Albert John Julien. Source: Gathering Our Heroes

Date Stamped received at Military Headquarters Jan., 7, 1916. Dept. Militia and Defence, Jan.,08-1916 reference 4645-1  CANADA

St. Thomas, Ont., Jan. [illegible], 1916.

Major General Sir. S. Hughes,
Ottawa, Ontario

In 1906 I held a Commission as a Lieutenant in the 61st Regiment, [illegible], D.2., and in 1906 my name was struck from the list of officers for not reporting for annual training, which I made clear to Colonel Roy at that time, was owing to sickness. I now seek to be reinstated in office that I hold a commission in the 91st O.S. Battalion now forming.

I took this matter up with Colonel Lavigne, the present Commanding Officer of the 61st Regiment, without [receiving] [illegible] any reply from him.

Being anxious to serve my country I have enlisted with the 91st O.S. Battalion as a private and have since received the information that there are no Roman Catholic Officers in this Battalion, and being the only Roman Catholic with Officers Qualifications, I would appreciate this office.

In 1905, I qualified under the name of J.A. Dufresne, being left an orphan and having kept the name of my guardian until my marriage in 1907.

I remain,

Yours respectfully,

A.J. Julien

No. 189764, D. Co.,
91st O.S. Battalion,
St. Thomas,


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