Boulton, Leslie Ernest: Service no. 53542 (Military Medal)

Digitized Service Record

Source: Duty Nobly Done, page 173

Later a lieutenant.

Letter written by Private Boulton to his mother and sister dated June 14, 1915.

We have a big English instructor for an hour every day and believe me when he gets through with us we are all sweating. The we have bayonet drill every day. We have spring bayonets, pads, masks and gloves and go for each other like a German and a Britisher, lots of fun and you can’t get hurt. I had two goes today with Stan Musselman, my chum. We have lots of hard work but the officers are a good sort and gives us lots of fun.

NOTE: This edition indicates the soldier’s surname as Bouton.

Antal, S., & Shackleton, K. (2006). Arrival in England. In Duty nobly done: The official history of the Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment (1st ed., p. 173). Windsor, ON: Walkerville Pub.

Headstone. Lakeview Cemetery
Lambton County
Ontario, Canada. Via Find-A-Grave (Ron Spurr).

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