Belcher, Cecil Russell: Service no. 123194


Digitized Service Record

Source: Regimental Rogue


Note that the three  Belcher brothers served together in the 18th Battalion. Belcher, William Russell:  Service no. 823109 was killed in action on July 8, 1918. Belcher, Norman Wilfred:  Service no. 226048 survived the war and died March 3, 1929.

1565148_1Lance-Corp. C.R. Belcher of London, previously reported wounded and missing is now known to have been killed. His brother, Norman, has been so badly wounded that his right arm had to be amputated.

Toronto Evening Telegram; September 14, 1917.

“Killed in Action”

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9 thoughts on “Belcher, Cecil Russell: Service no. 123194

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    1. Owen,

      I have not been in contact with any relatives of Mr. C.R. Belcher. Do you have access to at all. As noted his brother Norman served in the 18th Battalion as well but died March 3, 1929. Both their services records outline next of kin especially the mother and father so if they had any other siblings you might have luck. Not an expert at finding living relatives but is a good starting point or the LAC census records.


      1. Eric,

        Thank you very much for the recommendations. I have taken a look but his family seams to have disappeared after 1930. I’m going to join the Facebook group and also the CEF study group so to expand my research.

        Thank you once again, and if you would like a copy of my paper after it is done I can send it to you.


      2. Owen,

        Thanks so much for replying and for your efforts to bring to life one of the men of the 18th Battalion. I would love to have a copy of your paper.



    1. Owen,

      I have to admit that there is not too many others I could recommend. In the case of Private Belcher, other than


  1. Hi again Eric,

    Just one more question. Do you have any resources, or sites that you recommend that I look at?


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