The Lonely Soldier: Remembering a Leave

18th Battalion Association[i] Windsor and Detroit Branch *MEMORIES[ii]* Some time ago, we were watching the Television Program, “No Time for Sergeants”. The skit was about a lonesome soldier. It was funny. The lonesome soldier was no myth. He was real. It all stated the night we left London. Many of the officers and many of... Continue Reading →

Training Mistake Wounds 18th Battalion Soldier

Private James Abercrombie, reg no. 123978 enlisted in Chatham, Ontario at the age of 19 years, 6 months, enlisting with the 70th Overseas Battalion on October 1, 1915. After initial training in Canada he transited the Atlantic via the S.S. Lapland, arriving in England May 5, 1916. Over a month transpired where his whereabouts were... Continue Reading →

Soldiers of Windsor: The Windsor Star

Two news articles give some context to the experiences of soldiers from the Windsor area. The 18th Battalion had been in the line as of the latter part of September 1915 and had experience its first Christmas on the Continent. The Battalion had experienced light casualties, in regards to men killed, with 34 men who... Continue Reading →

Updates on Sandling Camp Resource and Post

DISCOVERY Of First World War Practice Trenches: TOLSFORD HILL - SALTWOOD, KENT A previous post outlined in some detail the excellent work of Michael and Paula Dugdale of Saltwood, Kent, England. The article entitled West Sandling Camp and the Trenches of Tolsford Hill relates the work done with a perspective in regards to how it relates... Continue Reading →

Canada Day for the 18th Battalion

As we enjoy the freedom the valiant men and women fought for it is fitting on this Canada Day to reflect back the the experiences of the soldiers of the 18th Battalion. The Battalion, being formed as part of the 2nd Contingent, did not celebrate Canada Day (it was called Dominion Day at this time)... Continue Reading →

War Diary of the 18th Battalion: July 1915

Confidential War Diary of 18th CANADIAN BATTALION – 2nd CANADIAN DIVISION From July 1st, 1915 to July 29th, 1915 Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information West Sandling Camp 1 Dominion Day, Half holiday for Sports. 2 Lecture on entrenching by Major Battye. 3 Lieut. C.P. Laing detailed to attend course at Scarborough. R.S.M. White promoted... Continue Reading →

War Diary of the 18th Battalion: June 1915

 Confidential War Diary Of 18th Canadian Infantry Battalion From June 1st 1915 To June 30th 1915. Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information West Sandling Camp 1     SERGT. INSTRUCTOR ECCLES attached as Instructor of Gymnasia. 2 CAPT. ROBINSON and LIEUT. D. St.J WIGLE detailed to attend Course at Staff College  CAMBERLEY.   Routine in Camp, First Post,... Continue Reading →

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