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Source: Via Katherine Cross at the 18th Battalion Facebook Group.

Summary of Service for Lieutenant Charles Wesley Boyd, attested under reg. no. 455590.

Date Event Remarks
October 11, 1896 Born Born in Campbellford, Ontario to Mathew and Rose Boyd.
September 4, 1915 Enlisted Enlisted in “Barriefield” (CFB Kingston) under reg. no. 455590. Indicates having 3 years experience as a Cadet in high school. He has attested to the 59th Battalion.
September 6, 1915 Inoculated Inoculated with anti-typhoid and vaccinated.
December 1915 Sick Furlough Duration and type of illness not known.
April 1, 1916 Assigns pay Assigns $10.00 per month to his mother, Rose Boyd.
April 11, 1916 Arrived in England
June 6, 1916 Struck of Strength S.O.S. from 59th Battalion to 18th Battalion. In Shorncliffe, England.
June 8, 1916 Taken on Strength Arrives 18th Battalion in the field. The Battalion is located in the Dickenbusch Sector, Belgium and  the War Diary relates: “Position as yesterday. 5 o.r.s wounded. 10 o.r.s (sick) admitted to hospital. 1 o.r. returned from hospital.”
May 20, 1917 Appointed Lance-Corporal Promoted. Appointed Lance-Corporal, vice 454696 L.Cpl. C. Colby promoted.
July 9, 1917 Wounded and sent to No. 9 Canadian Field Ambulance He was on of 35 men wounded by a German shell landing in the bivouac area. 4 other men were killed and at least one of the wounded died later. War Diary: “Training during the morning. Postponed Church Parade held. About midday (12.40 pm) shell dropped by long range gun struck one of the huts in which H.Q. details[iii] and portion of D coy where billeted. 5 ors Killled. 4 ors died of wounds. 35 wounded.[iv]
July 10, 1917 Appointed Corporal Promoted Corporal vice 424389 Cpl. A. Smith, died of wounds.
July 18, 1917 Returns to Battalion Corporal Boyd’s wounds appear to be minor and he returns to active service nine days later. Service record records: “WOUNDED by enemy shell bursting in billet.”. War Diary: “Quiet during the day. Immediately after dark Hun T. Mortars extremely active. C coy relieved A coy in front line. A coy returning to support trenches. Our observers obtained accurate cross bearings on trenches of Enemy T.M. preparatory to more effective retaliation by Artillery.”
November 16, 1917 Appointed Sergeant Promoted Sergeant, vice 53815, Sgt. A.H. Jones invalided to England.
January 15, 1918 Assigned to Cadet Course Taken on Strength at Bramshott for Cadet Officers course.
January 16, 1918 Assigned to 4th Reserve Battalion
January 30, 1918 Struck of Strength 4th Reserve Battalion S.O.S. in preparation to go the Bexhill for Officer Training Course.
February 2, 1918 Arrives Bexhill Officer Training Course.
April 27, 1918 Posted to 4th Reserve Battalion Granted temporary commission as a lieutenant.
April 28, 1918 Promoted Lieutenant
July 28, 1918 Qualification notation “Qualified Grade 2 at [Aldershott] Command School of Musketry”
February 27, 1919 Arrived from England and T.O.S. 18th Battalion The Battalion is at Fosses, France.
March 15, 1919 Arrives 18th Battalion The Battalion is at Fosses, France.
April 4, 1919 Proceeded to England It appears that since Lieutenant Boyd as from the Central Ontario region when he enlisted he was not required or expected to return with the Battalion to London, Ontario where the official demobilization would occur.
April 7, 1919 Medical Exam at Witley Camp. Medical exam for demobilization noting pneumonia in October 1915, GSW July 1917 and gassed November 1917.
April 9, 1919 P Wing CCC, Witley T.O.S. from 18th Battalion pending return to Canada (RTC).
May 13, 1919 Sailed to Canada
May 13, 1919 Military District No. 1 (Ottawa) T.O.S. C.E.F. for Demobilization.
May 25, 1919 Demobilized Military District No. 1 (Ottawa)
April 28, 1920 Marriage To Gladys Anne Stewart[i]
January 20, 1973 Passes away[ii]


[i] Per

[ii] Per

Source: Memorial of the Great War, 1914-1918 : a record of service by Bank of Montreal Published 1921

Charles W. Boyd
Lieutenant, 18th Battalion, C.E.F.

Enlisted in September 1915, as a Private in the 59th Battalion, and in June 1916, he went to France where he was attached to the 18th Battalion. In April, 1918, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. He was severely wounded in July 1917, and he was gassed at Passchendaele in November, 1917.

Source: Memorial of the Great War, 1914-1918 : a record of service by Bank of Montreal Published 1921. Page 149.

Charles Wesley Boyd – born Oct. 11, 1896 in Campbellford; died Jan. 20, 1973; married  April 28, 1920 to Gladys Anne Stewart.

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