Reed, Charles Arthur: Service no. 651593

Digitized Service Record

Source: Facebook post by the 160th Bruce Battalion Facebook Group.


Post about this soldier. Friends with Private E.F. Zimmerman.

Source: 160th Battalion Facebook Group.

Witley Camp
Jan 14/18

Dear Mother,

Just a few lines in answer to yours received last week. O.K. and glad to hear from you, also got the Khaki Hancks [handkerchiefs] in it which is very nice. I am quite well and hope this finds you all the same.

This is [mou] noon, have just had dinner of soup, Beef, carrots and potatoes, rice pudding are all looking well. I was to Guildford on Sun. and was out to a little home for tea nothing like it. Eh. It snowed about 4 inches last night and is starting again some. Our Platoon is taking some scouting lessons this week and next week we will be going to Coat Castle near the coast for a week, is some trio. I haven’t received any  boxes since I got the cigars, I hope the tobacco soon comes as I haven’t any. Send along some more, it don’t last one long.

Send some Prince Alberts if you can get it or Tuxedos or Velvet, Senator or ay you can get. Get Ivan Cook to send me the Prince Alberts from there, it won’t cost as much as there would be no duty on it. Remember it takes a long time on the road and about the time it gets here there should be some more on the way. So I hope these boxes come soon [illegible] with have a nice outfit now. Might as well too.

I wrote Jennie and Tillie a letter last week. How is Grandma and did you get my Xmas parcel O.K. which was sent from London.

Well, I haven’t much money and I and going to Scotland about [Feb] for 6 days leave. Am getting an invitation to a wedding of a girl I met there in Edinburgh a year ago.

So I hope you have sent me $25.00.

Will have to ring off now.

With love XX to Clara and Bent.

Regards to all I remain,

Your Son Chas.

Paisley Advocate, April 9, 1919, p8
The Paisley Advocate. April 9, 1919. Contributed by Jim Kelly.

Pte. Charles Reed, a former Eden Grove boy, who enlisted at Walkerton with the 160th Battalion in January 1916, and has seen some active service at the front, where he was wounded, arrived back in town on Thursday last on a visit to his old friends. On the breaking up of the Bruce unit on England last spring, Charles, like most of the 160th Boys, joined the 18th Batt. And went to France in March. He was a runner for the headquarters staff, and carried messages under fire during the big fights at Amiens, Arras, and Cambrai. At the big Cambrai show which was put on in the open country on October 10th, Charlie was attempting to deliver a message to an advance company which had gone over the top, when a sniper from behind some bushes tried to put him out of business. The first shot struck his hand, which was holding the lapel of his coat and went clean through his finger. Charlie fell, and as he lay perfectly still the German, after firing another ball his way, suspected he succumbed, and turned his attention to some other quarter. Charlie afterwards crawled along the grass and in spite of his wounded hand succeeded in delivering the message. For this feat he was recommended for the Military Medal, but unhappily never received the decoration. On going to the hospital, Charlie contracted the flu and trench fever and ever got back to the lines again. Pte. Reed, who was known throughout this section as the Rawleigh man, he being on the road for that form for over two years prior to enlisting, arrived back from overseas last week, and after visiting friends in these part, will assist his father, Mr. Arthur Reed, formerly of Eden Grove, on his fine 215 acre farm two miles south of Fergus.

Source: Paisley Advocate. April 9, 1919. Page 8.

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