Battle of St. Eloi Podcast

Craig Baird hosts a series of podcasts about Canadian history. In this one he reviews the Battle of St. Eloi. The 18th Battalion was involved in this battle and was their first major engagement of the war since they arrived in Belgium in September 1915. St. Eloi Craters. Kemmel in background. Canada Department of National... Continue Reading →

The War Keeps Up Its Everlasting Grind…

Above: Photos of St. Elois Craters. Captain Frederick Gilbert Newton, late of Windsor, Ontario, was an accountant that had been employed by the Canadian Bank of Commerce, now the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, may not have known that his employer would publish his letter in a pamphlet[i] for its employees and customers of the... Continue Reading →

The Attentions of Miss Mary

18th Battalion Association[i] Windsor and Detroit Branch *MEMORIES[ii]* Do you remember that just before Christmas (1915) every member of the Battalion received a nice gift package from the people of Windsor. Inside each package was a card showing the name of the donor. You were supposed to sign the card and hand it back in.... Continue Reading →

3 Officers. One Action. 3 Results.

 Charles Herbert Kerr had family ties in the Brussel, Ontario area and lived in Clinton until he eventually moved to Welland, Ontario. He enlisted with the C.E.F. and after being posted to the 36th Battalion in England was taken on strength with the 18th Battalion on December 14, 1915. It was during a fateful operation... Continue Reading →

After St. Eloi: A letter home.

A hundred years ago Lieutenant William Stewart McKeough wrote this letter outlining his and the Battalion's experiences: Belgium 15/5/16 My Dear Mother, Daddy, and Grant: It is some time since my last writing. We moved from here to another camp for a 3-day date before going into the line & until now have had no... Continue Reading →

War Diary of the 18th Battalion: March 1916

PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information 1 Battn in SP trenches. Operation orders for cooperation in attacks on INTERNATIONAL trench on our left (attached). Bombardment commenced 5 pm until 5.30 pm. This was kept up during the night of March ½ becoming very intense about 2.30 A.M. 20th Can Bn was on our right and East Yorks (Imp)... Continue Reading →

“He did his duty and did it well…”

Clipping from the Calgary Daily Herald May 8, 1916 LIEUT. F. DAWSON DIED LIKE SOLDIER DECLARES HIS O.C. F.J. Lawson Receives Letter Telling How Son Was Fatally Wounded That Lieut. Frank Lawson, of Calgary, who was mentioned a short time ago by The Herald, was killed in action in the St. Eloi fight, made the... Continue Reading →

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