Goss, Samuel George: Service no. 225571

Digitized Service Record

Source: Per post at 18th Battalion Facebook Group by a family member.


This man was TOS with the 18th Battalion on September 28, 1916. He joined the unit on Ocotober 10, 1916. He served at the Somme and at Vimy. He was wounded on April p, 1917, the day of the attack at Vimy Ridge began. Removed from service due to wounds he would be treated in England . He served the balance of his military career in England until discharged from service on February 2, 1918 at Toronto, Ontario.

Summary of Service[i] for Private Samuel George Goss, reg. no. 225571

March 2, 1894Born[ii]London, England to parents Timothy George Ward Goss and Marie Goss.
December 3, 1915EnlistsEnlists with the Depot Regiment, Canadian Mounted Rifles at Hamilton, Ontario. He is living at St. Catherines, Ontario and lists an Alice James, a friend, as his next-of-kin. She resides at 47 Welland Avenue, St. Catherines, Ontario, He is a single labourer standing 5’4.5” tall with a fair complexion, blue eyes, and light brown hair. He is a Presbyterian.
April 1, 1916Assigns PayAssigns $15.00 per month to Mrs. Ada James (probably mother to Alice James) of 47 Welland Avenue, St. Catherines, Ontario. Later residing at 54 St. Catherine Street.
April 23, 1916EmbarkedEmbarked Canada aboard the SS Metagama for England.
May 6, 1916DebarkedArrived England.
May 6, 1916TOSTOS CCD at Shorncliffe.
May 7, 1916, and June 12, 1916TOSTOS RCD RR Shorncliffe.
September 17, 1916TransferredTransferred to 9th Reserve Battalion.
September 27, 1916DraftedDrafted to 18th Battalion for France.
September 28, 1916ArrivedArrived at the Canadian Base Depot, Etaples from England and TOS 18th Battalion.
October 10, 1916ArrivedArrived 18th Battalion “in the field.”
April 9, 1917WoundedWounded at Vimy Ridge. GSW to right side of chest.
April 10, 1917AdmittedGSW to right side. Admitted to No. 8 Stationary Hospital, Wimereux, France.
April 14, 1917In TransitIn transit for England aboard the HS St. Denis.
April 14, 1917AdmittedAdmitted to 3rd Northern General Hospital, Sheffield, England for GSW to the chest wall.
April 14, 1917TOSTOS to the Western Ontario Regimental Depot.
June 5, 1917Discharged and AdmittedDischarged from above and admitted to Military Canadian Hospital, Epsom, England.
June 18, 1917Discharged 
June 18, 1917TOSTOS 4th Reserve Battalion, Bramshott, England.
November 16, 1917AdmittedAdmitted to No. 12 Canadian General Hospital for myalgia.
December 8, 1917DischargedReturned to duty.
December 8, 1917SOS and TOSSOS with 4th Reserve Battalion to 2nd CCD, Cat. D1. Bramshott.
January 18, 1918ReturnedReturned to 4th Reserve Battalion.
April 28, 1918On CommandOn Command at Bouclay Camp.
June 11, 1918AppointedAppointed Lance-Corporal.
July 23, 1918RevertsReverts to permanent grade of Private.
July 30, 1918Proceeds to BexhillShown to be “on command” for probationary duty with Instructors Pool.
July 30, 1918AttachedAttached to CTS from 4th Reserve Battalion.
September 11, 1918TOSTOS CTS.
September 11, 1918AppointedAppointed as Acting Sergeant.
September 21, 1918Ceases to Be On Command 
October 3, 1918On CommandOn Command with 21st Reserve Battalion
December 4, 1918TOSTOS 4th Reserve Battalion.
December 13, 1918On CommandOn Command, Kimmel Part pending return to Canada.
December 17, 1918Medical ExamMedical Exam, Kinmel Park Camp, England.
December 19, 1918  
January 11, 1918TOSTOS No. 2 District Depot, Toronto, Ontario.
January 17, 1919Arrives CanadaArrives aboard the SS Olympic.
January 17, 1919PostedPosted to Cas. Co. Exhibition Camp, Toronto, Ontario.
January 21 to February 7, 1919Leave and Subsistence Pay 
February 12, 1919Medical ExamMedical Exam, Toronto, Ontario
February 12, 1919Dental Exam 
February 17, 1919DischargedDischarged due to demobilization at Toronto, Ontario. He has the rank of Acting-Sergeant. Documents show his place of residence to be 54 Catherine Street, St. Catherines, Ontario.
December 9, 1927MarriesMarries Ruby Winnifred Beckett (1908-1963) at Pelham, Welland, Ontario, Canada.
October 1, 1958DiesDies. Place of burial unknown. Suspect it is Oakwood Cemetery, Port Colborne, Ontario.


AWLAbsent Without Leave: Generally, a soldier would be deducted 1-days pay for every day absent. In some cases, the soldier would be confined to barracks. Sometimes it was a combination of both.
A ClassificationMedical Board Classification that determined your fitness for duty. A1, A2, A3 and A4 were assigned to different units with the expectation that these men would be able to serve with active combat units. See this link for more information.
B ClassificationMedical Board Classification that determined your fitness for duty. B1, B2, and B3 were assigned to different service units such as railway and forestry corps. See this link for more information.
D ClassificationSee this link for more information.
CAMCCanadian Army Medical Corp
CBConfined to Barracks: a punishment for minor infractions.
CCDCasualty Convalescent Depot: a depot at a base where men, in their final stages of convalescing, would be prepared for duty depending on their rating.
CCHCasualty Clearing Hospital
CCRCCanadian Corps Reserve Camp
CCSCasualty Clearing Station: this facility was attached to rail transportation from the front to hospitals on the coast of France
CDCCanadian Dispatch Camp
CFACanadian Field Ambulance/Canadian Field Artillery. Most common usage would be Canadian Field Ambulance.
DAHDisorderly Action of the Heart
DRSDivisional Rest Station
GSWGun Shot Wound – this was a generic term for all projectile penetrating wounds.
In the FieldThis term relates to a soldier arriving at an active-duty unit after transporting from England, to France, and then to his duty assignment. The routing varied from soldier to soldier and could take 2-3 days to several months.
MDMilitary District
PUOPyrexia of Unknown Origin: This was a term used for any illness that could not clearly be identified and typically was related to influenza symptoms.
SOSStruck Off Strength
TOSTaken On Strength
CAMCCanadian Army Medical Corp
CCHCasualty Clearing Hospital
CFACanadian Field Ambulance
DRSDivisional Rest Station
GSWGun Shot Wound – this was a generic term for all projectile penetrating wounds.
MDMilitary District
PUOPyrexia of Unknown Origin
SOSStruck Off Strength
TOSTaken On Strength
WORDWestern Ontario Regimental Depot

[i] The Summary of Service for this soldier is meant as just that, a summary of his service. It is not intended to be an exhaustive biographical relation of his life or his war service. In addition, some errors and omissions may occur. This is a best efforts by a the author who has no professional training in the interpretation of these records. Some information may be deliberately suppressed by the author out of sensitivity to the soldier. Readers are encouraged to reference the actual service records available at the Library and Archives Canada in PDF format if they wish to learn more about this soldier. Such additional information (i.e. hyperlinks etc.) are for informational purpose only and no claim to verification or accuracy is made by the author of this summary.

[ii] Note that the date of birth may be inaccurate. A percentage of soldiers lied about their age for a variety of reasons, mostly often as the were under or over age.

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