Finances and the Private

On October 29, 1914, a 27-year-old labourer[i] enlisted with the 18th Battalion. He had 1-year experience with the 30th Wellington Rifles. He had previously enlisted with the 6th London Battery (Independent), Canadian Field Artillery (CFA), but that enlistment, for some reason, only lasted from August 12 to 29 of 1914. Now, he had permission to... Continue Reading →

One Family. One War. 2 Lives

  On October 26th, 1918 the Toronto Star carried a brief article about a newspaper reporter from Stratford who died in action with the 18th Battalion on October 10, 1918: Lavelle Killed in Action. Pte. Leonard S. Lavelle, formerly sporting editor of the Stratford Herald, was killed in action. He went overseas in the spring... Continue Reading →

The Goss Family

As often happens in research one soldier's research leads to another. During the research into Private Percy Lemmon one of the news articles shared with me shows another soldier who served in the 18th Battalion, George Goss. George Goss had two other family members who served in the C.E.F.. His father served in the 18th... Continue Reading →

Lieutenant Ewen McLachlin

During the search for soldiers of the 18th Battalion I found Lieutenant Thayer Vincent Milford a site was found referring to him as belonging to the Western Ontario Regiment on the West Carlton Honour Roll. As I perused the site I noticed an entry for a Lieutenant Ewen McLachlin. Having a connection through relatives to... Continue Reading →

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