Austin, Alfred George: Service no. 53312

Digitized Service Record

Source: During search for an Alfred J. Austin.


Windsor Star Article. Circa ....
Windsor Star Article. Circa October 1916.

In Rouen Hospital

William Butler, of the Customs Staff, received word Saturday morning that his son, Lance-Corpl. Leslie Butler, had been wounded in the thigh and was no in a Rouen Hospital. Butler lived at 11 Aylmer avenue and enlisted in the winter of 1914 with the 18th Battalion. Shortly after the arrival of the unite in England he was taken seriously ill with pneumonia. He did not fully recover until a short time ago, when he was sent to France.

Others who enlisted in Windsor reported wounded in the official casualty list issued at Ottawa Saturday morning are as follows: Ptes. A.M. Freeman and J. Price, formerly of the 99th Battalion; Ptes. Jack Fisher and J. Thomas, formerly of the 33rd Battalion, and Sergt. Richard Drew and Ptes. Frank Remington and Alfred G. Austin, of Windsor.

Windsor Star Article. Circa October 1916.


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