Ford, George Alfred: Service no. 189853

Digitized Service Record.

Source: A Gathering of Heroes


Source: A Gathering of Heroes.
Ford, George Alfred: Service no. 189853. Source: A Gathering of Heroes.

This soldier served with the 18th Battalion, CEF. He joined the 91st Battalion on January 11, 1916, at St. Thomas, Ontario. and then was transferred to the 186th Overseas Battalion He was married to Edna Maude Ford and practice a trade as a steward. He had one boy, Reginal Vern, and a daughter, Avis Isabel, both 6 and 4-years-old respectively.

His unit sailed for England on March 28, 1917, aboard the SS Lapland. Arriving at Liverpool on April 7, 1917, the Battalion Bramshott where he was transferred to the 4th Canadian Reserve Battalion. On June 16, 1917 he was transferred for active duty with the 18th Battalion. Two months passed as Private Ford moved through the bureaucratic process of soldiery and he arrived in the field with the 18th Battalion on August 18, 1917.

Three days later he was wounded by a shell bursting on a road as the Battalion returned from combat on its way for rest and refitting in the rear lines. He was sent to England for treatment and recuperated and was re-instated for active service, returning to the 18th Battalion November 20, 1917.

He served out the war with the 18th and earned two leaves and did occupation duty in Germany. He returned with the 18th Battalion and was discharged in London, Ontario on May 24, 1919, the date of the Battalion’s disbandment.


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