Kelleher, Patrick: Service no. 402774


Digitized Service Record

Roy Beitz and Patrick Kelleher were two more soldiers whose Circumstances of Casualty reports state that they had been awarded Military Medals. Guelph-born Kelleher lived on Wellington Street and worked as a plasterer. He enlisted in January 1915 and was killed in action at age 33 on Aug. 29, 1918. Beitz came from Mildmay, Ont., and was employed in Guelph as a clerk when he enlisted in September 1915. Twenty-five-year-old Beitz was reported missing in action and presumed dead on Sept. 30, 1918.

These men and others distinguished themselves under daunting conditions. They were recognized in their own time as heroes. Today, they are mostly forgotten, except perhaps by families that still treasure their hard-won decorations.



“Died of Wounds” (Gunshot Wound Right Thigh) at No. 47 General Hospital, Le Treport.

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