Burlington, Joseph Thomas: Service no. 406256


Digitized Service Record

Source: September 1916 K.I.A.


Burlington, Joseph Thomas: Service no. 406256. Source: Toronto Telegram. October 1916. Via David Archer.

This 19-year-old plasterer enlisted with the 36th Battalion on June 12, 1915, at Niagara Camp, Niagara-on-the-Lake. He had no prior military experience.

He arrived in England on June 28, 1915, and was transferred to the 18th Battalion and active duty on December 31, 1915, arriving in the field on New Years Day 1916.

He served the Battalion, save for a short leave to No. 4 Canadian Field Ambulance for blistered feet. Returning the same day, he was killed on September 15, 1916, due to enemy action. He was originally reported missing but it was determined he perished in the fighting on that date.

News clipping referencing this soldier, his brother, and father, who all served with the CEF. Source: Toronto Telegram. October 1916. Via David Archer.
“Previously reported missing believed now killed in action”

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