Traynor, Peter: Service no. 54054 (Meritorious Service Medal)


Digitized Service Record

Source: We Are the Dead

Find-A-Grave Page

Summary of Service for Company Quarter-Master Sergeant Peter Traynor, reg. no. 54054

Date Event Remarks
August 13, 1892 Born Born in Armagh, Ireland.
November 10, 1914 Enlists Enlists with the original draft of the 18th Battalion, CEF, at London, Ontario. He 22-years old, stands 5’7.5” inches tall. He is a brakeman listing his brother Patrick Traynor residing at 470 Wellington Street, Sarnia, Ontario as his next-of-kin. He lists 6 months service (militia) with the 4th Battalion, Scottish Rifles, and a further 2 years service with the 2nd Battalion, Scottish Rifles.
November 12,1914 Anti-Typhoid Inoculation
November 23,1914 Anti-Typhoid Inoculation
December 16, 1914 Vaccinated
April 10, 1915 Appointed 2nd Class Cook Appointed 2nd Class Cook before the unit sails for England.
April 16, 1915 Returned to Duty Returned to duty as 2nd Class Cook. Not certain circumstances and meaning of this entry.
April 18, 1915 Sails for England Sails with the 18th Battalion for England and more training. Sails aboard the S.S. Grampian.
April 29, 1915 Arrives England Arrives with Battalion at Avonmouth and proceeds to West Sandling, Kent.
August 5, 1915 Transferred Transferred from cooking to “C” Company.
September 1, 1915 Forfeits 1-Day Pay Forfeits pay for being Absent Without Leave.
September 9, 1915 Order to Forfeit Pay Cancelled Part II Order no. 358 rescinded by Part II Order no. 365.
September 14, 1915 Embarks to Continent The Battalion embarks at Folkestone, Kent and leaves for active front-line service.
July 3, 1916 Submits Will Submits will with Real and Personal property assigned to his brother, Patrick.
August 7, 1916 Field Promotion Promoted to Company Quarter-Master Sergeant. This is an unusual promotion as the service records indicate that he went from the rank of Price to CQMS in one promotion. Most promotions are stepped upwards with each promotion leading to access to the next higher rank.
October 26, 1916 Granted Leave Granted 10 days leave.
November 1, 1917 Assigns Pay Assigns $25.00 per month to his brother, Patrick. This is unusual, as most soldiers would assign their pay just before they went overseas.
November 22, 1917 Granted Leave Granted 14 days leave to England.
August 8, 1918 Killed in Action CQMS Traynor was killed in action during one of the most active days of combat the Battalion had that year. “C” Company was tasked with a 2-platoon frontage on the right-flank of the attack and was in contact with units of the 1st Canadian Division. The objective was the village of Marcelcave, 200 yards distant from the Company’s jumping off point. The attack was successful, and the Battalion pushed on another 300 yards to a quarry and set up a main-line of defence. Though successful, CQMS Traynor and 29 other comrades of the 18th perished that day, most to “well secreted machine-gun nests.”


He is buried at the Toronto Cemetery, Demuin, Somme, France along with 76 other soldiers, almost all Canadians. There is one other member of the 18th Battalion, Private W.R. Belcher, reg. no. 823109, who was killed in the same action a Traynor.


Photograph by Len via Find-A-Grave.

Traynor, Peter: Service no. 54054 atteastion page 1 Traynor, Peter: Service no. 54054 atteastion page 2doc2055282 doc2747382 doc2747383 doc5699046

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