Kenee, Fred Charles: Service no. 675067


Digitized Service Record

Source: War Diary May 1917 report of action in trenches in appendix.


NOTE:  Attestation papers added June 24, 2016.

Sergeant Kenee 18th Battalion
Sergeant Kenee, Fred Charles: Service no. 675067. Source: The Daily Sentinel-Review. December 4, 1917. Page 1. (Woodstock, Ontario).


Reported killed in action last week. He went overseas with the 168th battalion and leaves a wife and for children. He was a veteran of the South African War.

“Killed in Action” While in the front line at Passchendaele, at about 8.00 A.M. on November 10th, 1917, he was hit and instantly killed by shrapnel from an enemy shell.

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Report on Enemy Raid on No. 11 Platoon 18th Batt. Frontage Night of May 27th – 28th, 1917

Time: 12:45 a.m.

Received orders from C.S.M. Williams [possibly this soldier] to post covering party of six men to protect a B. Co. wiring party on the left flank.

Sgt. F.G. Kenee, 675067  [KIA 10/11/17 in Passchendaele] and myself had just placed party when enemy barrage opened on our lines. Immediately afterwards our own barrage replied. Instantly I gave order to return to our lines. Three men failed to reach our line. Time about 11 p.m.

About 3 minutes afterwards enemy party of 20 to 30 strong was seen making towards our wire on our left flank. Platoon opened up with rifle fire. One man of enemy party shouted an order and enemy retired at the double. Only one red flare was fired on our platoon frontage.

Immediately after bombardment quietened I organized search party of three men and S.B. to search for missing men. Only trace of men was two rifles which they found in a shell hole in front of our wire.

Corp. L. Skilton
No. 409655

Lieutenant Dunsford added a short note to the bottom of Corporal Skilton’s report and was to further expand his observations in a separate report:

May 28th, 1917

At dawn this morning (28th) enemy was seen carrying in dead and wounded.


O.C. G Coy

Page 1 Attestation Page 2 Attestationdoc1871551 doc5669622

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