Buoy, Robert Morris AKA Boyd, Robert Maurice: Service no. 123036

Digitized Service Record

Source: SS Caronia Passenger Manifest.


Appears to be using pseudonym after war. Date of birth death same. Place of birth and death the same.

“Robert Maurice Boyd (1896-1922) was born to Wallace and Ethel (nee Phipps) in England. In 1901, the family moved to Canada, settling in the Fordwich, Ontario area. On July 10, 1919, he married Elva McMinn (1898-1957), the daughter of James and Elizabeth (Allen) McMinn. Irene Boyd was born in 1920, and Audrey in 1922. Robert was a caretaker at the Palmerston Post Office. He died in 1922, from what was believed to be affects of mustard gas from World War 1.”

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